Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose

ΩSisters of the LightΩ

∇Petals of the Rose∇

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose serve in the unification of heart, mind, body to honor the Holy Mother

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose awaken within the feminine & masculine wholeness & balance through deep inner work to heal & clear all inner wounds to ultimately rise to Light of the Sacred mysteries and knowing of the Divine Mother

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose cultivate and experience inner powers connected to realization of the Divine Mother within and offer to be a conduit of Her sacred beauty, truth, & wisdom to bless humanity & their own awakening under Her direction


∇Welcome Daughters of the Light!

This blog post is in honor of the sacred Divine Feminine energy

 This is a reminder of the preciousness that you are, of your divinity as a powerful co ~creator to manifest a world of beauty, peace, and love when connected into the fullness of your God Goddess sparkle, and to rekindle communion with self love, self appreciation, self acceptance through nurturance and unconditional love overlighted by the gentile soothing Love of the Mother’s Presence.

  The poem below is from the perspective of the ♥Divine Mother♥ as a love letter to her daughters of the Light

Seated from the throne of the ♥Divine Mother♥ ~ She views all Her daughters as Her Blessed own.  All of them ~ none excluded. All inclusive ~ and loves them all with a fervent love passionately glowing and giving forever more… 

This event and blog post is for all the souls who find themselves in a female form who feel a deep connection, reverence, and holy attunement with the Divine Mother and desire to go deeper within themselves to discover more of their feminine essence and receive the sacred knowledge and blessings of the Cosmic Mother.

Many souls in a male embodiment also feel a deep connection and pay homage to the Divine Mother while they nurture and uplift this inner aspect within themselves and throughout. I hope in the near future to channel a love letter from the Divine Mother to Her Sons of the LIght.

ΘI took these photographs of white roses in crystal decor for this blog post to symbolically represent the Sacred Divine Feminine energyΘwhite to symbolize purity, innocence, and a return to our true nature in OnenessΘ


⇓Read below about my upcoming event⇓

Free online Zoom Get Together

◊Women only



ΩSisters of the LightΩ ~ ∇Petals of the Rose∇


⊕Please join me for my new online get together for women!

⊕Free Zoom event

⊕July 14th, 2020 (Tuesday)

⊕from 5:00 p.m.~ 6:00p.m. Eastern Daylight Time 

⊕Email me to sign up and receive Zoom log in info

⊕All ages welcome!

→Here’s what it is about⇓

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose join together to connect with the Light of the Divine Mother within ~ the Oneness thread we are all connected to

Experience an online gathering platform to support and uplift women on their spiritual awakening journey

Holy Spirit directed (from my personal perspective the wind ~ breath movement of the Divine Feminine active principle)

Come to receive

Come to share

Come to awaken and to be healed

ΩThe first get together is focused on tools and techniques to connect with the Divine withinΩ

⇒Share your gifts and talents with how you connect with the Divine within, share current experiences on your Soul path remembering, share and receive joy and love

⇒We will open with a prayer and a short meditation

⇒Be present to share your light, receive guidance, Soul growth, awareness, and empowerment

→Find out on Tuesday how I have been guided to use the following words of upliftment:

◊Sisters of the Light

◊Circle as One

◊Shine Bright

◊On the wings of the Mother’s Light

◊We take flight

◊Our holy womb to magnetize

◊Lotus revive Padma magnify

◊Tendered in magical starlight

◊In ecstasy of union we unite


I look forward to seeing you Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

 5:00 ~ 6:00 EDT on Zoom

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose

email to the email address below to receive Zoom login details:



ΩDaughters of the LightΩ

∇Petals of the Rose∇

A Love Letter

from the ♥Divine Mother♥

to Her Daughters of the Light



Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

counting in nine

loosening of time

I am your Altar

direct your cares upon Me

do not wander

I hear you

I am the Great Responder

live in blessed order

listen My daughter

the unburdened voice within

with this begin

this is how

the rose

in the garden grows

stand ~ be accounted

hear Me ~ the less crowded

Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

pick up your rose

with this be clothed

 My gift

thy blessed womb

bloom bloom bloom

your purity

the opportunity

all becomes Unity

Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

It is I

who sets you free

come ~ be with Me

let us sit

underneath the tree

a rose so divine

each of you Mine

all is by feel

then you become real

I speak from the Soul

each of you


it is I

so that you know

when you see the moon aglow

connect with me

above and below

the moon is your doorway

it is magic

I bestow

receive from the hallowed chalice

liquid love

you are beauty walking

step into the palace

Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

the feathered royal dove

appears to you now

let this love offering

 be your following

trust in your heart

we are never apart

Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

 live to let go

this is the key

your overflow

watch the swallows

fly~ the birds

that know not of a tomorrow

take this

wherever you go

Daughters of the Light

Petals of the Rose

Daughters of Mine

My blessed fruit

go now

drink of the vine


You are Mine

Love, your ♥Divine Mother♥


Blessings of Love from the ♥Divine Mother♥ for all!

⇒Open & receive the ♥Love and ♦Grace of our Divine Mother♥

⊕May we always be present and open to connect with and share our Divine Light⊕

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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