Lilly the Mom Cat & her kittens 4ever home :)

Lilly the Mom Cat & her kittens

🙂 A beautiful 4ever home pleeze 🙂

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Happy Autumn!! 🙂 With new Seasons come new opportunities. Please take a moment & read about Lilly the Mom Cat & her kittens ~ please consider adopting & or passing this info on to others that may be interested. Contact info for adoption is at the end of the bio.  #blessouranimals #bringhomethefur

Poor Lilly has been through so much in her short life. She’s between 10-12 months old and has already been a great mom to 5 little kittens. It seems Lilly must have been looking for a safe place to have her babies when she climbed up into a 40′ container full of airplane parts. Shortly thereafter the truck was driven to Ft. Lauderdale where warehouse employees unloading it found Lilly and her nursing babies at the very back of the container. Lilly eventually moved her babies down out of the truck and under a dumpster to keep them safe. A warehouse employee started feeding momma Lilly and the kitty family stayed there for a couple weeks until they were trapped and brought to a foster home so that momma could nurse her babies in the clean comfort of air conditioning and good clean food and water. A short time later they were moved to another foster to begin the socialization process. We were hopeful that Lilly was semi friendly and would want to be a house kitty and take to human handling with a little work. However, being the height of the worst kitten season in south Florida’s history, and dozens of other pressing feline emergencies put Lilly at the back of the line and she never got her turn at trying to socialize. Without a safe place to return her to – there is no cat colony and no visible outdoor cats anywhere near the warehouses where she was found, so no regular food source – we started planning for another option for her. By this time she was beginning to tire of being caged and once separated from her babies it seemed she probably would be a lot happier being an outside kitty. We were planning to place her at a nursing home on several shady acres with a number of cats after familiarizing her to the place. However, once more bad luck came her way and hurricane Irma came barreling in so her release was delayed and Lilly had to be moved once again. She became stressed and more depressed and stopped eating. After several days of not being able to get her to eat Lilly went to the hospital where she spent a week during the hurricane. The medical team got her eating again with lots of sedation, IV fluids, and appetite stimulants. After the hurricane she came back to her cage in preparation to be released. However, the nursing home had suffered devastating damages resulting from a large tree falling onto a major power line in front of the facility, where electricity was cut from the entire street. It’s been two weeks and they aren’t even close to having the necessary repairs done. Moreover, this has caused a lot of problems with other aspects of the facility, and the management now says it’s just not possible for Lilly to be released there. Much begging and pleading has not helped and now we are urgently in need of a new plan ASAP before Lilly stops eating again or worse. It’s just not possible for her to stay in a cage any longer. She needs a safe place to go, perhaps a nice back yard with a few other cats around to make friends with and spend her days being a happy cat. She would probably love to have a patio or screened porch to hang out on. A nice farm or ranch would also be wonderful. We don’t want to risk releasing her to a colony where she might be rejected or to an unsafe area. She’s put up with so much cage time and hospital time, she’s been patient with us, and we so want to ensure she ends up safe and cared for. She’s a beautiful kitty and very healthy. She’s been spayed, tested negative, vaccinated, and lots of deworming. We believe over time she will trust her caretaker and become quite a nice outdoor companion. She will likely catch mice and chase away unwanted pests if given the opportunity, so she won’t be a burden. She’s not totally feral, but all the time in the cage has not helped. Can everyone please crosspost Lilly’s dilemma so that we find a solution for her. She was a wonderful mom and now deserves a life of her own. We are willing to transport her and/or provide a nice starter kit of food for anyone that can help. We will appreciate any ideas you might have or any leads. Thanks so much for caring and sharing! Please call, text, or email Lori 954-661-0666,


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