Beautiful Sophia ~ 4ever Home :)


Beautiful Sophia

the wisdom cat

∞ She is ready for her 4ever home ∞

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Please take a moment to read about Sophia & pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in bringing Sophia into their heart & home!! ~ please note contact information is at the bottom of the post.  🙂

Sweet Sophia  was adopted as a kitten and lived with her adopters until Hurricane Irma forced them to evacuate South Florida for higher ground. They took Sophia with them to a hotel in another town, where they stayed for more than a week.  This must have been a scary and confusing experience for Sophia, and at the time of check out the adopters could not find her.  They alerted the rescuer that she was lost, thinking she had likely had gotten outside the hotel room as they had the door open while carrying things to the car.  They said they had searched the hotel room and looked around the parking lot for her, but could not find her anywhere. They then informed her rescuer that they were leaving the property and could not look for her anymore.  The rescuer could not believe that they could just leave poor Sophia behind like that after her being a part of their family for a year. It later made sense when the woman told her that the hotel had a no pets policy and the husband was afraid the hotel would charge them for having a cat there if they found out she was lost.  The town was too far for the rescuer to get to to conduct a more thorough search quickly enough so she wasted no time reaching out to all cat rescue and trapping groups in the area with an urgent plea for help in finding Sophia.  Since every hour counts when a cat gets lost, a couple wonderful cat rescuers in the area went to the hotel property and began searching rigorously.  The search continued for more than 2 days and nights around the perimeter of the property with no luck.  On the 3rd day the manager of the hotel called the rescuer and told her that Sophia  was found inside the hotel room.  The room
had been rented that previous night and the people in the room woke up to a cat in their bed!  Since Sophia was used to sleeping with her adopter, she thought she could just get up in the bed with the new occupants.  Sophia went into hiding when the people were startled and left the room.  Once again Sophia was abandoned.  

It took 2 more days to get Sophia because she was now terrified of all the hotel security and maintenance men banging around and  moving furniture and grabbing at her.  She hid safely behind the stove until things quieted down. Eventually the local rescuer got her safely into a carrier and another rescue angel drove her all the way back to her rescuer.  Sophia is a wonderful young 1 year old Russian Blue tuxedo kitty fully vetted and
healthy - spayed, tested fiv-leuk negative, vaccinated, and dewormed.  She loves other feline companionship and needs to go to a home with at least one other friendly cat.  Sophia's best friend at her previous adoptive home was
a yorkie, and she is around large dogs at her current foster home.  Sophia's favorite way to pass her time is to look out the window at the birds or chase lizards on a securely screened patio.  At night she may want to sleep with her humans.  Although a gorgeous kitty, Sophia wants to be more than an ornament in her new home - she wants to be loved. She is an affectionate cat and loves to be held, brushed, and sit near her human most of the time.  Is Sophia a purrfect match for you?  If not, or if you aren't looking to add a cat like Sophia to your home, please don't dismiss this plea - please cross-post so that Sophia can finally find a loving permanent home where her humans value her enough to never abandon her.  Thanks for helping Sophia. For more information or to meet Sophia please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666, .  

Visual Imagery by Leslie Sue Photography
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