Perfectly Placed: Autumn Love

In Thee I rest………….

Have I told you………..

Perfectly Placed: Autumn Love

πŸ™‚ A Song for Autumn πŸ™‚

β—Š On the eve of the harvest moon β—Š

Perfectly Placed

all in strategic Eternal order

Autumn Love leaves turn into a gold orange song

the worlds & winds dance a cornucopiaΒ  tune

rich rusts of red & ginger pop & suede like browns

leaves in the wind ~ embers carried on its wave ~ igniting wild flames in a heart felt space

Autumn has arrived ~ & perfectly placed

pumpkins, cloves, tea, did you bring the cider

cinnamon, apples, a splash of whisky ~ can’t get much higher

nutmeg, allspice, seasonal splendor

You glow with the glow of early October opal magic

I saw it on you, filling me, & all around ~ the planet covered in harvest abound

deepening in the weeks & month ahead

November ripening with sweet reaping crops & diamond light & flowers

Like a chess game in a master’s hand

all parts move within the whole in a likely win

Perfectly Placed ~ it could not get better

Autumn Love has placed you & I there, here, & everywhere

soft kisses in earthy yellow & warm orange

the song for Autumn resides in Heavenly skies

brought down to earth in magical surprise

delighting along the way, baskets brimming & overflowing with seasonal offerings

not on the horizon, but here in the now

My mind painted acorn yellowy orange colors ~ they lay on the ground & swirl in the air

Divine like a candle flame ~ warming

No shadows ~ a dark side is light wouldn’t you know

Perfectly Placed ~ Autumn Love

it’s golden hue greets you & I

did you say hello or walk on by

the door hinges flew off, a door there is no more

open doors, open doors, open doors

enter in

Perfectly Placed ~ Autumn Love

the rest lay when you walk inside

treasures upon treasures

don’t peek in ~ but boldly stride inside

Perfectly Placed ~ both you & I

on the eve of the harvest moon

the open door ~ now it has arrived

A song for Autumn


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