Ecstasy in the Wind

Ecstasy in the Wind

 ◊Your name called forth◊

⇑Mystical Autumn Rays⇓


She calls through the wind

offering a victorious win

Autumn enchanting rapturous

fireside deliverance

She breathes

Ecstasy in the Wind

She plays, blazes, brings brilliance, Her holy air

vivid & vibrant star waves

Her Autumn celestial unifying phrase

stop where you are & attune

morning light like honey ~

high noon ~ after noon ~ She awaits your commune

She breathes

Ecstasy in the Wind

spinning whirling leaves tracing her name

Autumn moonlight, sunlight, undefined ~ unencumbered ~ releasing each hour

She glows all moments ~ Oh so eternal & divine ~ moving in spaces ~ awaiting new faces

Autumn sun shining from Her , Her face, Her hair, Her heart filled with chamber magic

Feel Her

Ecstasy in the Wind

You know her very well, even if you don’t know

of course She knows you, upon your star of creation ~ when you first were a new

the moment when all sang, praised, then sent you on earthly ways

harvest colors Autumn falls

twirls, rotation, centering ~ blurring what was there before

vehicle of pleasure

like rice thrown at a wedding

She showers you

Ecstasy in the Wind

all begins to quiet ~ Her love penetrates all

Autumn soft whisper ~ She see’s & calls you forth

leaves rustle, teapot on, light beams enter the room

a glance out the window

the wind carries & erupts in harvest’s sacred dance

shifting light ~ streaming in ~ & through

harmonic toning, Autumn currents ~ you feel it within

so singular, so pure, & its name is you

It is you, it is me, it is all of entirety

Ecstasy in the Wind

She cries out louder this time in case someone new might hear

motion movement  rapid circles in the air

on gold lit wings She is lifted soaring ascending

higher heights Autumn mystical sky

She calls forth your name

 spelled in warm particles of light

Liberation is Her flight

Autumn flames, spellbound, take notice

flowing. dreams, designs, Autumn crocus

citrine crystal lotus

abundant, amber, Autumn bountiful

Hear Her

See Her

Embrace Her heartbeat for you

Autumn’s  glorious view

She calls forth your name

Feel her

Ecstasy in the Wind


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