Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through

Samantha Pearl: #Pearlz Pearl View

~ a cats eye perspective of humanity, nature, & the world

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Just Passing Through

I turned a cat’s eye

peering, seeing, having a view

experiencing & feeling the world

Just Passing Through

penetrating deep, noticing the slightest of breeze

the dog next door, the afternoon sun, the lavish of the garden

I could not but speak, but could meow

I cried inside when the palm tree across the road was cut down

I saw him up there in the tree, saw in hand & trimming attire ~ but no one’s fault ~ to no avail

I heard the tree fall ~ I cried inside

a moment paused ~ completely stopped ~ I groomed myself more

Just Passing Through

I watch the Buddha head on the table ~ for he hears all ~ the night candle glows on him & the sun ignites him within ~ he hears your thoughts & mine too ~ the slightest of slightest he is privy to

watching & observing more

the fairies & gnomes dance upon & within the treasures of the Earth

mostly passed by, going unnoticed by many a human form

more celestial visitors they come & go

I greet them & they greet me

no veil exists

Just Passing Through

all humans are awakening to be free

the joy of creation

I roll on my back with elation & glee

just to be happy & know I am loved

loved from the Heavens & loved as me

Just Passing Through

shining glitters of light & inviting moon drops

closing my eyes, I hear a different song

the hammering & nailing, traffic & cars passing go sweetly away

I become immersed in the harmony within that sings me its tune

like the flute of Krishna, the birds of day break, or the angles in the choir

I hear this when I close my eyes

Just Passing Through

offering a resounding high

all is in unity

echoing & breathing in you & I

don’t you notice, don’t you look, don’t you feel,

it is plainer then plain

a go to force to experience as real

it comes in through the light in the window, your heartbeat, your desk, your chair, the food you eat, even the most gentle sigh…………..

Just Passing Through

I turned a cat’s eye

I groom some more

Just Passing Through

Poem & visual imagery by Leslie Sue Photo

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