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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse #bloodmoon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ±Super Blood Moon± *Lion image from Bronx Zoo when we visited this past Summer 🙂 #nyc #appleroar 🙂   Wow 🙂 Already 2019 is coming on full strong with many blessings from the heavenly realms Gracing humanity, animals, & our planet Earth. Okay, here comes some more…….. January 21, 2019 we… Read more »

Moon Rising ~ Moon in Me #moonbrew Grace

Samantha Pearl  ⊕New Earth Kitty⊕ ◊Our rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a  beautiful muse◊ Pearl is a symbol of the Moon & she was named after the Moon Goddess. Often I correlate a blog post on the Moon with her◊ #blessourpets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⇑ Moon Rising ⇑ #fullmoon #moonwithin #lunarlight Silver Charm ⇒Moon in Me⇐… Read more »

Samantha Pearl Green #greenheart

≅Samantha Pearl Green≅ #newearthkitty ↔Through the Light of my Heart↔ ♥green heart green light♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The heart is our connection ~ to our life ~ to all life The sacred regions of the heart speak to us ~ ∇the search ends  listening begins∇  The terrain of the heart is our healing sanctuary, our gospel of… Read more »

Winter Lion Solstice 2018 ~ *Lion Solstice Grace

Winter Lion Solstice 2018 December 21, 2018  ΩLion Solstice GraceΩ #birthofthesunwithin ♦ into the darkness which leads to the light ♦     *This original image is from a photo I took of one of the lions at the NYC Bronx Zoo this Summer 🙂 #nyclion #bronxzoo   We enter the winter solstice shortest day of… Read more »

In the Space of Winter ~ a time to prepare

∞In The Space of Winter∞ #samanthapearl #newearthkitty ⊗Winter⊗ ~  a time to go within ~ to prepare ~ for change for what will be next in our lives We grow ever closer with our Souls ~ receding into its unspoken magic #pausereflect #pawsreflect In The Space of Winter In the space of winter my soul… Read more »

Celtic Goddess Brigid ~ the promise of spring *devotional hymn*

⊕Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring⊕ Inspiration: Diving into the Goddesses and becoming more acquainted with them is a passion of mine. This blog post is a celebration of Celtic Goddess Brigid through some background knowledge, a poetry devotional, and art imagery. The images were originally a model photo session that I turned into… Read more »

Roswell ~ 4ever home

Roswell ~ 4ever home 🙂 Friends of Samantha Pearl 🙂 #blesstheanimals #4everhome #bringhomethefur θPlease help Roswell find his 4ever homeθ   ROSWELL IS STILL ALONE AND WAITING.  There has been no interest, and he is starting to get depressed. He cries to get out of the room he’s in and to be in the house… Read more »

Spells of the Eve ~ Into the Night

ξSpells of the Eveξ ⇔Into the Night⇔   ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ October Winds When the Moon Goddess reveals Herself   Inspiration Yeah! It’s Halloween!  The inspiration behind this poem and imagery is to tap into the wild mystical winds of October and send out a prayer for the Moon Goddess to reveal Herself. ⊗A Samantha Pearl Halloween… Read more »

Goddess Sekhmet ~ Lioness Goddess *devotional hymn

ΩEgyptian Goddess SekhmetΩ ⊆Lioness Goddess⊇ ÖEye of ReÖ Honorary Devotional Hymn ΩPowerful One ∞ Divine Feminine Face of the SunΩ ΩΩΩΩΩ #liongoddess #powerfulmother #ancientegypt #honorthegoddess I created the digital art from some portraits I had for visual representations to honor Goddess Sekhmet. The one with multiple cats is our beloved rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl, serving as… Read more »