Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve

ξInto the Night ~ Spells of the Eveξ

⊗A Samantha Pearl Halloween #newearthkitty⊗

Samantha Pearl ~ our rescue kitty ~ serving often as a muse to go deeper within ourselves and nature ~ making inter related connections  on a experiential level as tools to evolve and “know ourselves.”

ΘHalloween & Moon Mystic IlluminationΘ


#happyhalloween #moonlore #mysticalmoon

*silent watcher *maker of magic *feline majesty


Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

evening prayer ~ evening star ~ love affair~ shooting star

Moon & Pearl silent reflecting reservoir

Moon lore

open becomes the silvery orange lit drawer

Halloween candy store

witchy delight ~ sprites, fairies ~ play in the night

bats, goblins, warlocks ~ Netherworld, vampires too

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

outdoor ~ indoor ~ ever High Moon wisdom hats the worshiper

nature ~ teacher ~ nurturer

Her forever  portraiture

night garden ~ floral ~ encircling Her

spilling of the brew ~ glowing ~ feline pass through

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

open door ~ folklore ~ tricks & treats  ~ eclipse therefore

masks on ~ masks off ~ costume ~ midnight bloom

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her milky smile ~ gentle ~ all awhile

Jack~O~Lantern ~ orange ~ life dancer ~ positive changer

Moon flavor, grandeur, star gazer

 taking us into Her orbiting chamber ~ hallucinating ~ slipping in ~ receiving Her favor

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her heavenly body ~ celestial ~ dreamily I savor ~ tide waver

 primal player ~ immortality ~ eternity ~  silver light creator

moon weaver ~ magic maker ~ silent speaker

magical envisioning ~ wonderment ~ bewilderment

in close by taverns ~ children’s laughter ~ gives us answers

leaves falling ~ corn husks ~ stalks of wheat

characters in the street ~ celebration ~ revelations

Into the Night

Spells of the Eve

Blessings to all

this Halloween ~ Eve ~  Silvery Splendor Receive


October Blessings!

*^Silvery Splendor Receive*^

May we all be blessed as the *silent watcher with *feline majesty ~ the *magic maker

Happy Halloween 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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