Roswell ~ 4ever home

Roswell ~ 4ever home

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θPlease help Roswell find his 4ever homeθ


ROSWELL IS STILL ALONE AND WAITING.  There has been no interest, and he is starting to get depressed. He cries to get out of the room he’s in and to be in the house with humans, but cannot due to other pets.  He is dreaming of being in a home to have people to love. Please help make his Thanksgiving wish come through. He is truly one of the most amazing, affectionate kitties ever! Someone is going to be extremely lucky to find this boy.  Please contact Lori 954-661-0666, for more info or a meet n great.

Roswell is a wonderful young kitty dreaming of a home, sweet home.  He is totally vetted and healthy, and is the typical loving, affectionate orange kitty with a delightful personality.  His ideal home would be one with a secure sun porch, patio, or lanai for him to be able to experience a bit of the outdoors while still being safe.  While he would prefer to be indoors with his humans, he clearly enjoys watching the outside world.  Due to his bad experiences as a kitten being dumped on the rough streets of Miami, he wants to be the only cat and would prefer no dogs as well.  Whatever happened to him out there caused him to lose an eye, but he has forgiven all and doesn’t realize he only has one eye.  It’s probably best if you don’t tell him, since he is obviously proud of his seriously handsome good looks.

Roswell is less than a year old and has a lot of spunk.  While he loves to play and run around, he loves, loves, loves human attention.  He will hop on your lap and ask for love until he falls asleep.  He can be a talker at times and loves to wander the house looking for you to say hello and see if you want to play or snuggle.  He is by far one of the sweetest, loving kitties around and the individual or family that adopts him will have constant entertainment and love from this Super Special Orange One-Eyed Kitty.

Please help Roswell find his place in this world.  He has been through a lot in his short life, and is very eager to seal the deal on a permanent loving home.  He is very lonely in his current foster situation.  Although safe and cared for, he spends most all of his long days and nights totally alone.  Please cross post this precious boy to all your friends and contacts, and ask them to do the same.  You just never know who might be looking for the perfect orange kitty named Roswell.  Transport can be arranged for the perfect home.  Thank you very much for helping him!!  If you would like more information or to meet Roswell please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666,



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