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Crystal Earth Blessing ~ devotional prayer #blesstheearth

Crystal Earth Blessing ⊕Earth Prayer⊕ *devotional hymn to our planet* #blesstheearth #newearth #crystalearth   *while reciting either out loud or silently please hold or have your favorite crystal (s) near you * this can also be an adjunct prayer to enliven a crystal grid * if you do not have any crystals that is fine… Read more »

Sacred Pulsations ~ Inner Hearing :)

Sacred Pulsations *Inner Hearing* #gowithin #innerhearing #nature #trees #bountywithin #voicewithinstillness   Listening to the voice within the stillness coming about through being the witness experiencing a daily Christmas a return to wholeness & fullness nature provides such fitness knowing your inner shining brilliance interacting in the world with no distance honoring the inner hearing &… Read more »

Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness #devotionalhymn

    Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ »a contemporary view» Mary Magdalene representative of Divine Feminine Christ Jesus representative of Divine Masculine Christ →Wholeness within the form↵ balanced Divine Feminine Christ & Divine Masculine Christ  #christconsciousness  #unionwithin #wholeness #sun&moon Devotional hymn to balance Divine Feminine & Masculine within ∴Christ Consciousness Awakening hymn∴                                                 _ _… Read more »

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday #happypaws #bday #nyop

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday  🙂 May 1, 2018 Samantha Pearl turned “4” 🙂 #newearthkitty #444 #solarreturn #4thbday #meow #celebrate         Celebration art piece above for Samantha Pearl turning 4 years old on May 1st 🙂 If you look closely you will see a series of 3 4’s embedded in her image! #444 … Read more »

From the Goddess

  From the Goddess we are & To the Goddess we return ∇ Sacred Light∇ within the primordial waters The snake rising from the primordial waters as a symbol of both divinity & kundalini rising. In many ancient civilizations ~ the snake was considered & celebrated as a form of divinity ~ related to an… Read more »

Honoring the Moon As Goddess #moonwithin

Honoring the Moon as Goddess the moon within The Moon Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine aspect within us that holds the sacred mystical reflected light feminine clarity insight the light of the goddess magic within in all her majesty ~ sacred sexuality ~ pageantry Her totality ~ universality ~ sensuality open to her blessed silvery… Read more »

Samantha Pearl #greenpastures #evergreen

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty ⌈Our beloved rescue kitty serving as a beautiful muse⌉ ⊕Green Pastures⊕ ⊥In Thee I rest⊥ #greenpastures #evergreen #restwithin   *A poem for deep relaxation* entering a inner space of becoming #evergreen Nirvana #allover     Green Pastures In thee I rest I request, suggest, Sunday’s best In the eternal evergreen ~ ever… Read more »