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Unoccupied Space ~ centrally located

    σUnoccupied Space ~ centrally locatedσ An exploration & peer into what lays in between ξEnter a New World #emptyyourself #spaceinout #renew >Realization< *undo what you have realized *realize what you have not realized It is in our Highest Soul evolution to participate, if we choose to, to adopt a new objective ~ a… Read more »

^The Mystic Trystic^ ~ *To Be As* #theseer

ΦThe Mystic TrysticΦ ∴To Be As∴ The Great Seer ~ The One who See’s ~ Beyond #enterin  #entryway #trustin ⇔Entrance Into⇔ ~ by choice⊥ ΦAs The Mystic Trystic teaches usΦ ◊Her delight ◊Her enchantment  ◊Her sacred bequest ⇔ is to bestow the blessings of the Mystic Trystic to anyone who crosses the bridge in faith… Read more »

Crush in the Dark: When Inspiration Hits

  Crush in the Dark When Inspiration Hits   ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ ‡Let Inspiration Find You‡ When we are deep within our selves such as during mediation, prayer, communing with our higher aspects, etc… we are transplanted into a void darkness that feels to me like a sacred womb where we can access all. We can submerge… Read more »

The Sea, The Sun, & Me

      ∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞ ∴Trice Three∴     ♥Endless sun filled days on the sea♥ ⊕Enchanted palm trees⊕ A floating stream of consciousness: A visceral feel and poem about being at the ocean among the palm trees and warm balmy breeze leaving the intellect and structure behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⇒Becoming… Read more »

Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission #grace #harmony #selfcare

⇒ Ascension Tickets⇐ ↔Free Admission↔ #grace #harmony #selfcare ΞGifts on the Ascension PathΞ ⇔ Always available to us⇔ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Simple Reminder of Simple Applications on the Ascension Walk: ∴GIFT YOURSELF∴ The Ascension Path ~ Grace, Harmony, Self Care & more!!! 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do we have at no cost? ⊗that is always available⊗ ~ that… Read more »

Samantha Pearl #moonpearl #symbolism Inter relationship of the Moon & Pearl *devotional

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty ξOur beloved rescue kitty serving once again as a beautiful museξ ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ A look into the symbolic inter relationship between the Moon & Pearl ÕPearls of CreationÕ #sacredpearls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥First a lil’ purrstory on Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty ⇒Samantha Pearl is the inspiration behind this post⇐ ⇑Light from the Sun ⇓Powered by the… Read more »

When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘ ∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞ ΦA Dance for LoveΦ   Inspiration: ♥♥Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Adding some romance, love imagery, & poetry to the mixδ ⊆Have a dance for love⊇   *This image is from a wedding I photographed turned into a digital art piece*   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ≈Water Lilies≈… Read more »

Life’s Better With A Best Bud #petadoption

«Life’s Better With A Best Bud» ⇒Please adopt rescue pets⇐ #petsmakeahouseahome #petadoption #blesstheanimals ∴∴∴∴∴ A friendly reminder to please consider pet adoption from your local (or otherwise) pet rescue agency. Together we can bless our animals we share the planet with. Rescue pets make outstanding companions, family additions, and warm the heart as we share… Read more »

Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes behind time*

§Bud to Bloom§ ⇔eyes behind time⇔ ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗ →The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔ ∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴ #childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame Inspiration: →In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course… Read more »