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Tribute to Goddess Isis #honoringthegoddess

Honoring the Great Egyptian Goddess Isis #goddessisis #honoringthegoddess #cozmicselfie #ancientegypt Honoring the Divine Egyptian Goddess Isis Take time each day to honor the Goddess within, in whatever way appeals to you. This is for both genders as we are composed of both the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in truth no matter what our physical… Read more »

Samantha Pearl ~ Windmill Thoughts :) #newearthkitty

Windmill Thoughts ⊕ a breeze of destiny ⊕ 🙂 Windmill as a symbol of the movement of transformation from one state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness 🙂   Windmill’s hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function. Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it’s… Read more »

Samantha Pearl & Dragonfly #newearthkitty

Fly Dragonfly Fly #samanthapearl #newearthkitty #dragonfly #fly   When I took a look a little look into the light a dragonfly I did but see glee, carefree, enveloping me not your typical dragonfly but one with rubies & diamonds flying, rhyming, chiming, & shining it came close close to me fluttering wisdom, transformation, for each… Read more »

Within the Earth

Within the Earth 🙂 a faerie did glow 🙂 Within the Earth a faerie did glow bubbles of rain hazy blue green terrain a wind swept whisper sounds new like at birth much lives deep within the reaches of the earth She holds buried treasure & beings sacred that dance divine music, playing, laughter abound… Read more »

Hamilton: 4everhome #monetkitty :) :)

Sweet Hamilton: 4everhome #animaladoption 🙂 Friends of Samantha Pearl 🙂 #monetkitty #waterlily #parliament ∴ Art work inspired by the great French impressionist painter Claude Monet ∴ Please read about Sweet Hamilton & consider opening your heart & home to him. He gets along great with other dogs, however, he does prefer to be the ONLY… Read more »

Samantha Pearl: She Hears #newearthkitty

◊Samantha Pearl◊  #newearthkitty ςShe Hearsς #shehears #innerhearing #nyop       I listen to the sounds in between the sounds to the Divine Voice to the silence to the chords of music strummed by nature to the sounds carried through the wind to the sounds that come from the earth I listen to the movement… Read more »

Beautiful Sophia ~ 4ever Home :)

Beautiful Sophia the wisdom cat ∞ She is ready for her 4ever home ∞ #petsmakeahouseahome #petadoption #bringhomethefur Please take a moment to read about Sophia & pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in bringing Sophia into their heart & home!! ~ please note contact information is at the bottom of the… Read more »