* Christ Light Blessings* ~ birth^rebirth


◊Christ Light Blessings◊

Birth ∧ Rebirth

Mother Mary & baby Jesus desaturated with neutral tones

Mother Mary & baby Jesus black and white version

Mother Mary & baby Jesus full color version

A baby as a symbol of birth ^ rebirth.

The awakening within us ~ the birth within us ~ as the Christ Light that we are ~ a rebirth tangibly experienced as the Ultimate Gift



With the holidays upon us I felt guided to blog on the Christ Light, an approach an art professor recommended to me, opening to greater ways of seeing, and how all these are tied together.

»An exploration ~ a series of expressions ~ based on the birth representative of the Christ Light»

What better subject matter than the Christ birth as an exploration ~ reflecting back the inner journey taking place.

Given that Home is truly found within ~ “Home for the Holidays” takes on a whole new meaning.

The image above is from a photo I took at a local church from their live nativity outdoor scene. Aren’t the live nativity presentations the best! Such a serene silence and peace.


Art School Throwback

*Gaining Deeper Insights: Know Thyself*

^Expanding views through multiple perspectives^

While I was in art school, my painting professor would make mention his advocacy & encouragement of creating a “series” ~ various interpretations of a given subject matter as opposed to creating  just one interpretation.  Although at the time, I did not fully “get it” ~ I did however hold this in my store bank as I valued his wisdom.

I remember, also from art school, while in drawing class, all of us encircled around a apple on a pedestal ~ easels set up ~ drawing a apple for many consecutive hours. Yes, many. This intense focus ~ observing of this little ole’ apple provided Huge deeper significance. I walked away from my drawing class with such an enriching & appreciation of this apple ~ feeling like I new it like never before.

Rolling right along…..most certainly it is beneficial to create a series of expressions contained in the one. This has implications on various levels, beyond the artistic. Since the outer “reality” really doesn’t exist, except as a direct reference point of our inner world ~ consciousness ~ this key frame holds great significance ~ to explore beyond one created ~ to look beyond one determined conclusion or expression. This produces a broadening ~ a broadening within of who we are, of the world we live in, & most importantly what our truth is & to shine that found truth.

Creating a series, opening up to an array of potentials ~ helps us drop stagnate/old/limiting beliefs and moves us closer to a unified reality. Diving deeper into a given subject matter that brings joy offers many rewards ~ within and then without.

I encourage you to create a series of something in an area of personal interest and check out for yourself new insights gained through this process.


Season’s Greetings

During this Season of gift giving & receiving ~ there is no greater gift we can present  then the gift of inner exploration and reflection, in both honest & true ways.

This gift grants us the opportunity to become more fully acquainted with ourselves ~ “know thyself” ~ leading step by step into the molding & shaping of a highly evolved enlightened being. Making decisions, taking action, having thoughts and feelings that serve us & the planet in the highest light. Most significantly we become empowered.

Truth draws a confirmation that nothing “out there” really has a hold on us ~ nothing dictates to us how we feel ~ or what will or will not happen ~ no influence has a governing force unless we allow it to. This becomes stabilized as we take continued self responsibility.

Although the habitual act of throwing out “blame” somewhere out there is often a first response, we can through diligent choosing again look inside ourselves as the source, come to truthful acknowledgement, offer ourselves a wider perspective laced in peace and forgiveness, and take up new thoughts, feelings, and actions based on an empowered platform.

We are our own determining factor ~ only looking to ourselves for our reality

The only real “thing” we need to be informed of is what is going on within our psyche. This provides the grace to live as the highest light that we are ~ seeing with new eyes ~ listening with new ears ~ experiencing a newness ~ providing clarity ~ as we move closer to our truth.

^Dare to experience this as the Grand Christ Birth we are all destined to live^

We all must “do” the inner work necessary to bring forth this freedom in our lives ~ the birthing, the rebirth, the full realization of the Divinity that resides within. Oh, how patient the Divine is! Let us invigorate in greater measure our Christ Light birth. Let us bestow awakened gifts to ourselves ~ this is our liberating force.


Gifting Ourselves

We all know what we give our attention to grows ~ this Season ~ & always ~ let’s give ourselves attention ~ going within ~ exploring ~  finding all the magic & all that we desire within. Let’s stay fixed on this as much as possible ~ relinquishing the habitual need to “find” it somewhere else.

All will benefit from our personal growth ~ as all is interconnected.

∞ Blessings to all those BRAVE enough to go within ~ taking self responsibility ~ on the journey of self discovery & illumination! May your life be filled with Grace ~ revelation after revelation ~ filled with Divine Gifts as you gift yourself∞


Wishing you and your loved ones a magical holiday Season filled with God’s cheer!



***May the Christ Light be awakened in all!***

Christmas Joy, Merriment, and Grace!

Blessings of joyous inner explorations and seeing multiple perspectives!!

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Have a blessed day!

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