* Christ Light Blessings* ~ birth^rebirth


◊Christ Light Blessings◊

Birth ∧ Rebirth

A baby as a symbol of birth ^ rebirth. The awakening within us ~ the birth within us ~ as the Christ Light that we are ~ as a rebirth tangibly experienced both in our conscious awareness & physical form as the Ultimate Gift

»An exploration ~ a series of expressions ~ based on the birth of the Christ Light»


∴Serving as a guiding reflector of what is taking place within ~ & across the board∴


While I was in art school, my painting professor would make mention his advocacy & encouragement of creating a “series” ~ various interpretations of a given subject matter as opposed to creating  just one interpretation.  Although at the time, I did not fully “get it” ~ I did however hold this in my store bank as I valued his wisdom.

I remember, also from art school, while in drawing class, all of us encircled around a apple on a pedestal ~ easels set up ~ drawing a apple for many consecutive hours. This intense focus ~ observing of this little ole’ apple provided Huge deeper significance. I walked away from my drawing class with such an enriching & appreciation of this apple ~ feeling like I new it like never before.

We all know what we give our attention to grows ~ this Season ~ & always ~ give yourself attention ~ go within ~ explore ~ there you will find your magic & all that you desire. Stay fixed on this as much as possible ~ relinquishing the habitual need to “find” it somewhere else.

Rolling right along…..most certainly it is beneficial to create a series of expressions contained in the one. This has implications on various levels, beyond the artistic. Since the outer “reality” really doesn’t exist, except as a direct reference point of our inner world ~ consciousness ~ this key frame holds great significance ~ to explore beyond one created ~ determined conclusion or expression. This produces a broadening ~ a broadening within of who we are, of the world we live in, of what truly matters, & most importantly what your truth is & to shine it. All will benefit from your personal growth ~ as all is interconnected whether perceived or not.

In similar comparison to friendships ~ the more you “hang out” ( “hang out” as symbolic of multiple expressions) with another the more you are privy to see ^ know^ experience various aspects of them (& vice versa) thus deepening & enriching the rapport. Or being in a museum in front of a great sculpture & you walk All around it ~ gaining new insights from the multi ~ fold views. Creating a series, opening up to an infinite array of potentials ~ helps us drop stagnate/old/limiting beliefs as we move closer to a unified reality known individually then spilling out into our outer life. Diving deeper into a given subject matter that brings joy offers many rewards ~ within thus without. As well as serving as a metaphor symbolically of going within our own individual nature to only come out with higher greater expressions of our existence & knowings.

During this Season of gift giving & receiving ~ there is no greater gift you can present yourself with ~ then the gift of inner exploration, reflection, in both honest & true ways. This gift grants you the opportunity to become more fully acquainted with yourself ~ “know thyself” ~ leading step by step into the molding & shaping of a highly evolved enlightened being. Making decisions, taking action, having thoughts, that serve both you & the planet in the highest light. It also, without a doubt, removes you from becoming involved in “drama” as it no longer has any interest as a resonating circumstance ~ most importantly one gains Empowerment as you become more & more aware that nothing “out there” really has a hold on you ~ nothing dictates to you how you feel ~ or what will or will not happen ~ no influence has a governing force ~ not the news, not the government ~ not the stock market ~ not the this or the that. This is because you have taken self responsibility ~ not allowing an outside governing energy to move you. You are your own determining factor ~ only looking to yourself for your reality ~ not playing the name game. I am not saying to not be informed ~ with  lots of love & compassion ~ but I am suggesting that the only real “thing” you need to be informed of is YOU 🙂 . This revealing of you provides the most substantial satisfaction ~ as it is the truth of your existence beyond anything else. Providing the Grace to live as the highest living light that you are ~ seeing with new eyes ~ listening with new ears ~ feeling with newness ~ knowing with clarity ~ having new personally fulfilling experiences ~ opening to higher dimensional reality as the reality. The greenest greens, the tastiest of fruits, the riches of richness, a life of joy without the incumbents of mainstream influence that may just be clouding your awareness. Move closer to your truth ~ to the magnificence of the magnificent ~ which  you are. Dare to experience this as the Grand Experience you are destined to live. 🙂

We all must “do” the inner work necessary to bring forth this freedom in our lives ~ the birthing, the rebirth, the full realization of the Divinity that resides within, that we purely are, that awaits  conscious connection, bestowing gifts along the Way ~ this is our liberating force.

What better subject matter than the Christ birth as an exploration ~ reflecting back the inner journey taking place.

Given that Home is truly found within ~ “Home for the Holidays” takes on a whole new meaning

∞To all those BRAVE enough to go within ~ taking self responsibility ~ on the journey of self discovery & illumination ~ May your life be filled with Grace ~ revelation after revelation ~ Filled with Divine Gifts as you gift yourself∞


Blessings of Holiday Grace

Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

Have a blessed day

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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