Goddess Sekhmet ~ Lioness Goddess *devotional hymn

*Goddess Sekhmet*

*Goddess Sekhmet*

ΩEgyptian Goddess SekhmetΩ

⊆Lioness Goddess⊇

ÖEye of ReÖ

Honorary Devotional Hymn

ΩPowerful One ∞ Divine Feminine Face of the SunΩ


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I created the digital art from some portraits I had for visual representations to honor Goddess Sekhmet. The one with multiple cats is our beloved rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl, serving as a beautiful muse.


When to call upon Goddess Sekhmet:

Invoke the Powerful Goddess Sekhmet at any time. Call upon Her for empowerment ∞ Call upon Her to remove all that impedes your evolution and status as an enlightened being ∞ Call upon Her for strength ∞ Call upon her to ignite fiery truth to blaze forth in your life ∞ Call upon her for healing ∞ She is a divine protector of women and children ∞ Call upon Her as a resonator with lions and cats of all kinds ∞


*Goddess Sekhmet* 2 statues at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin

≥Sacred Blessings of Goddess Sekhmet≤


 To assist in bringing in the fiery Divine Light energy of Goddess Sekhmet, please light a candle if possible before reading the devotional.

*Let us honor the Holy Land of Ancient Kemet ~ Egypt as great originators of Divine Truth ~ great contributors to world civilization. Shaping the modern world: ~ laying the foundation for moral ways of living ~ codes of enlightenment ~ writing ~ literature ~ art ~ society ~ gender equality ~ technological advancement ~ government ~ medicine ~ architecture ~ faith and worship*


∇Let us open to the Blessed Grace of Goddess Sekhmet ~ Powerful Sun Goddess⊃


ΩEgyptian Goddess SekhmetΩ

⊆Lioness Goddess⊇

ÖEye of ReÖ

Mother Sekhmet  ~ Potent One

Solar Deity ~ Lioness Goddess ~ Sun rays of powerful Light

Eternal Light ~ Creation Fire

nothing can escape ~ wild fire

The Sacred Flame ~ the Fire of God ~ Goddess

Mother Sekhmet  ~ Mother ~ since before time

Praise to the creative force

Praises to the Light that awakens the Soul

Awaken-er  ~ Shining Illuminated One

Heat of Truth ~ Burning ~ Victorious

Reveal to us our divinity ~ power within ~ our Soul bright

Flame that blossoms Self ~ authenticity ~ trust

She who is Powerful ~ showering ~ empowering

Sweetener of lips who speak Thy name

Divine Lover to Ptah

Protector of Ma’at

Remover of illusions ~ veil lifter

Generator ~ Reformer ~ Healer

 Divine physician ~ form changer ~ re arranger

 Kundalini igniter ~ breath of the desert winds ~ red linen

third eye ~ serpent fire ~ magnifier

bringer of Light to all lands

carnelian ~ orange ~ energy power before us

radiant Sun ~ filled with fire ~ attune to the flame

release ~ impurities dissolved in the flame ~ purifier ~ open flame

Dancer of maker

Taker of pain

eyes of the spiraling sun ~ searing ~ all becomes undone

intensity of the mid day sun ~ exceeding ~ red sealing

hot ~ smoldering ~ fire transformer

fierce huntress ~ destroyer of abomination

 Mother Sekhmet ~ Intriguing One

Spirit upon us

Warrior for justness & natural virtue ~ Golden chain ~ Upper Egypt reign

Walked & walks among us ~ royal lineage ~ authority

infuser of love ~ holder of truth ~ free us

Daughter of Ra ~ Divine Feminine face of the Sun

Eye of Ra ~ Royal Feminine counterpart

Mother Sekhmet

kick start ~ come apart ~ fresh start

holder of all parts ~ server to wholeness ~ the Whole One

Celebrator ~ rituals ~ life giver ~ Nile River

Creative impulse ~ bold action ~ attraction

Divine template ~ originator of the origins ~ pyramids

courage ~ righteousness ~ enlighten us

cats lay at your feet & are comforted by your Presence

leopards, dragons, lions ~ alliance

Protector of loved ones

Mighty Powerful One of the Neteru

Beautiful One of the Neteru

Before Thee I kneel & bow

sacred cow ~ Christ endow

Great Friend & sister of Bastet

Bringer of the Sacred Fire ~ infuser of the One Flame

Destroyer of ignorance ~ deliverance ~ vigorous

Mother Sekhmet ~ Prized One

Knocker on the door of injustice ~ restorer of Divine Order

Salutations & Honor  offered up to Thee

One of Distinction ~ Prestige ~ Sacred Holy One

Mother Sekhmet ~ Mother of Imagery

a wonder in ways of magic ~ galactic ~ fantastic

Enchanter of the Way ~ Justice hearsay ~ Sword play

 chamber coals of burning fire ~ all powers ~ prowler’s devoured

Mother Sekhmet ~ Esteemed One

Reverence for your benevolence ~ eminence

  gratefully we receive our golden inheritance


ξMay Goddess Sekhmet richly bless all!

℘Many blessings of the ⊆Lioness Goddess⊇

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