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144,000 friends #soulfamily

∴ 144,000 friends∴ #soulfamily #sacredflamekeepers #ascension New Earth  ~ fully awakened Being of Light 7th Golden Age ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ∞A triumphant salute∞ from across the globe ~ across the nations ~ across the stars  144,000 friends ~ we continue on the only path we know waking up to the Light within ~ the Light without ignited spark… Read more »

Magnum ~ playin’ in a rock n’ roll band #summer2018

Magnum playin’ in a rock n’ roll band as the Summer sun sets *steel vibrations   *  *outdoor concert   *classic rock  *originals #summer2018 #concert #bethlehemPA #steelstacks ∞A view from on stage∞   As the July sun set on a unusually cool early evening, Magnum took the stage on the Levitt Pavilion to share with fans some… Read more »

In the Arms of the Divine Mother ~ #devotional

In the Arms of the Divine Mother 🙂 She is the All 🙂 #sheis #all Blessed Healer ~ Nurturer ~ Confidant ~ Companion ΩDivine Feminine Creator ◊ Miracle & Magic WeaverΩ *Auspicious Divine Mother *Queen of Heaven & Earth >Liberation through Release< the end becomes the new enter the new   This is a devotional to… Read more »

Happy Summer Solstice 2018

*Blessings of the Light* ∴Happy Summer Solstice 2018∴ ⇑As Above So Below⇓  ◊◊◊◊◊ ΩThe Christ LightΩ We celebrate the Light The Light Within Our planetary Sun and Great Central Sun ◊◊◊◊◊ Our Ascension path draws us closer and closer to the awakening status of who we truly are. As the Light that we are. As… Read more »

Crystal Earth Blessing ~ devotional prayer #blesstheearth

Crystal Earth Blessing ⊕Earth Prayer⊕ *devotional hymn to our planet* #blesstheearth #newearth #crystalearth   *while reciting either out loud or silently please hold or have your favorite crystal (s) near you * this can also be an adjunct prayer to enliven a crystal grid * if you do not have any crystals that is fine… Read more »

Nature Alive ~ Sacred Pulsations ~ Inner Hearing

⊕ Nature Alive⊕ ⊥Sacred Pulsations⊥ ⇒Inner Hearing↵ ◊◊◊◊◊ #gowithin #innerhearing #nature #trees #bountywithin #voicewithinstillness ◊◊◊◊◊ The imagery and poem are inspired by the many tools around us ~ within us ~ that need not be overlooked and moreover repeatedly ~ directly  accessed as a viable alive tangible mechanism we can utilize as a divine Source… Read more »

Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness ~ *Balanced* #devotionalhymn

  ΩΩΩΩΩ »a contemporary view» ∇Mary Magdalene representative of the Divine Feminine Christ∇ ∴Jesus representative of the Divine Masculine Christ∴ →Wholeness within the form↵ θBalanced Divine Feminine Christ & Divine Masculine Christθ ΩΩΩΩΩ This is a devotional hymn to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that we carry within us ~ respectively for both… Read more »