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Cosmic Light of Awakening

Cosmic Light of Awakening: the soul’s journey #museawakening #souljourney #union 🙂 Awakening Within 🙂 The cosmic light of awakening dreamlike state gentle unfolding, in your oneness make no doubt sacred light from the heavens join the light within you dream ~ you be ~ as if no movement, yet a cosmic spin entering higher levels,… Read more »

4 Days: when the rains fell

4 Days: When the rains fell A shower of blessings……… Garden Watch #rainsounds #eternalobserver #heavensent 4 days the rain did fall ceaseless, seamless, endless  sight unbridled spirit, linking day to night moment to moment lingering around each drop reverberating natures playground the heavens poured wide ~ reaching out filling & thinning  both high & low… Read more »

7 Cat Magic: Hot June Day

7 Cat Magic: Hot June Day Samantha Pearl makes her entrance #newearthkitty #3yearsago #freshstory #nyop Today we celebrate!! One hot South Florida June day….on the driveway in front of our house…..under the car……..the P’s (parental units) found my cute self 3 years ago today!! A few meow’s  later….. ….and the celebrating continues………. Ty for reading… Read more »

On the Wings of the Sunrise ~ Sun devotional

∞On the Wings of the Sunrise∞ Devotional to the Sun Within ∧Experience Your Sacred Brilliant Sun Within∧ ⇒Tune into the Brilliance that you are⇐ #wingofthesunrise #goldenwings #gowithin #shine heat of the sun ~ blazing ~ glowing *Experiencing the warmth & golden nature of the sun held within* As a practice  ~ consciously I attune within… Read more »

My My Mermaid #mermaidofmine

ΨMy My MermaidΨ ◊mermaid of mine◊ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A look into the symbolism & associations with mermaids #enchantment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ∞Go with the Flow∞The word Mermaid comes from ‘mer’ meaning the Sea∞ →All life flowing from the primordial waters ~ such a Great Life Giving Force can only create that which is Great within it↵ #cosmicpower Source… Read more »

WOW: WINGS OVER THE WORLD ~ Aquarius Age #newearth

ΘWOW: WINGS OVER THE WORLDΘ ≈Aquarius Age≈ ⊕ NEW EARTH ⊕ ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Samantha Pearl ♥Our Beloved rescue kitty serving as a muse for the New Earth♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ΩAs we know our Soul, We know the Soul of All, the All in OneΩ ◊◊◊◊◊◊ ⊕The life and world imagined ~ lived ~ and proclaimed⊕ ⇒We envision… Read more »

Message in the Wind: I thought I heard the wind chimes #chime

  ζI thought I heard the wind chimesζ ∞Message in the wind∞ chime * chime * chime * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The space where I edit my art images spills out into a viewing area of our screened in patio & then out into our garden. On our screened in patio we have hanging a beautiful 6… Read more »