Unoccupied Space ~ centrally located

Just passing through……..

The Unseen becomes Seen

Space in to space out

The magical space in-between ~ be aware of!

Samantha Pearl flowing in the spaces in~between

Spaces In Between



σUnoccupied Space ~ centrally locatedσ

An exploration & peer into what lays in between

ξEnter a New World

#emptyyourself #spaceinout #renew

*undo what you have realized *realize what you have not realized

It is in our Highest Soul evolution to participate, if we choose to, to adopt a new objective ~ a more advanced interaction within ourselves ~ thus spilling out into our physical life. The premise that all true growth is an inner tempering & metamorphosis ~ the butterfly journeys in its own transformational turnover from egg, larve (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and then into its magical wings of flight 🙂 We obtain a conversion ~ into higher states of consciousness ~ as we clear out, space in & out, & make latitude for a progressive orientation of how we take note of what we are seeing, observing, & realizing.

ΞTake on a conscious attentiveness by surveying & experiencing what lays in betweenΞ

photos are a couple shots I took of Samantha Pearl and the space digital art is from a tutorial I followed and then created


◊What lays in between is a super charged range & play of inter~dimensional possibilities ~ just waiting its bud to bloom fruition in our lives as soon as we position ourselves within it◊



Void Awareness

The Buddha Awakens

The inter~connected awareness of All things through entering a non space that consists of All ~ inclusive of things as well as non things




*Dominion of All

*holding it All together *belonging to All as One *containing the All ~ that we are interconnected to

#goinbetween #midway #inthemidstof


Nothing In ~ Nothing Out

Everything In ~ Everything Out

Emptiness Nothingness #circles

The Dalai Lama describes “emptiness” in his book on the Heart Sutra “the true nature of things and events”
The Heart Sutra says, “all phenomena in their own-being are empty.”

Emptiness can be recognized as Unoccupied Space




circuling around

Our beautiful kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a muse #newearthkitty

Animals in particular have a natural way of straddling awareness of being in between while simultaneously relating to the physical world. So, our beloved kitty is most appropo as an illustrative example of how we can also be like this.  #animalwisdom

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“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi



⊕This poem is about going into the intermediary ~ the center-most point⊕

The relationship of things as non things #essence

φOpen a gateway within to what lays in between. Not here, Not there ~ than where? What is in between is the unseen ~ perhaps not visibly seen, but undeniably present ~ the thread ~ the interlace  ~ the composer ~ the perpetuation of all life Φ

The opened door is in between #dropin

⇒Being connected to things by interacting with them in between⇐


◊Portico to “out of nothing” is everything◊

“Bodhi is a Sanskrit word. … The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Bodhi is also the name of the sacred ficus tree  under which Lord Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment”



σUnoccupied Space ~ centrally locatedσ

⊕Spaces In-between


before it is day ~ before it is night

the transition point is the Bodhi’s delight

the unseen & seen unite 

sacred ficus tree Lord Buddha

sat within ~ supra ~ the unexplored explored

heads bowed ~ new worlds ahold ~ Brahma unfold

a playing field where all is revealed

seals unsealed ~ dreams become real

the center is gold ~ for eons foretold

a fusion ~ the circle’s conclusion ~ evolution

 no black  ~ no white ~ no day ~ no night

holy union ~ holy communion ~ reunion

dawn & dusk meet ~ in between ~ all becomes a wide screen

move into the midway sight

make this your sacrament ~ within the seam ~ flowing rivers Supreme

 tantra ~ a mantra ~ hosanna ~ manna

the intermediate ~ the answer

universal point ~ focal point ~ turning point

the innermost ~ where eternity is at most 

utmost ~ observation post ~ the holy ghost

the transition from day to night

the midpoint ~ the anoint ~ vantage point

the nothing is the cognition ~ the everything the recognition

just ask the magician ~ it is this submission ~ the condition

occupy the unoccupied ~ with a watchful eye ~ worldly wise amplified

the day surrenders to the night

the night surrenders to the day

take note ~ who might ~ you might

 in the center unite



∴Magical Blessings of awakening to the nothingness of everything & everything as the nothingness!!! #unified

♥May we all lift our wings in transformational flight!

→Blessings of living in the magic of the spaces in between↵

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!

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