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A look into the symbolic inter relationship between the Moon & Pearl

ÕPearls of CreationÕ



First a lil’ purrstory on Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty

since she is the inspiration behind this post 🙂

⇑Light from the Sun ⇓Powered by the Moon

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The Moon as a symbolic reference for the Divine Feminine ~ & the Sun a symbolic reference for the Divine Masculine ~ both of which we carry within us ~  our inner moon & inner sun ~ when balanced within elicit harmony for our awakened lives. I have some posts focusing on & honoring both of these aspects individually & collectively. This post is centered on diving a lil’ bit into the inter relationship between the Moon & the Pearl. Plus a poem honoring the Sacred Pearl.


∇ Divine Feminine∇

#connectwithin #knowthyself #sovereignty


Irrespective of gender ~ or non identified gender ~ it is important to connect in with the Divine Feminine energy as it is considered the “source of all creation.” Which gives “rise” to the Divine Masculine energy. The Holy & Sacred Divine Feminine ~ when earnestly tapped into ~ is a magical doorway to our Higher Selves allowing for greater truths, revelations, & balance to be enlivened within us ~ knowing ourselves at our core essence ~ propelling us forward as we awaken to highly evolved enlightened beings. It is important to know ourselves because this is inherently our deepest desire ~ a driving force ~ our primary process ~ divinity knowing itself as divinity. The realization & full on experience ~ of our sovereign absolute status.

As this journey of self discovery is opened more & more to you through application of methodologies that work personally for you ~ your efforts will result in synergistic unification ~ your divinity becomes more & more apparent to you ~ face to face with the reality of your existence beyond the Earthly plane but yet coinciding with it. “Know Thyself” as a central motif for eons on many platforms through out timelines across our planet.

Honoring & inwardly networking with the  Divine Feminine energy also extends as a sacred bridge into Mother Earth ~ where the feminine energy lives, breathes, circulates, & expands into & through ~ that we tangibly experience & are connected to on a spiritual level. The power of “giving birth” ~ to life ~ to infinite expressions ~ to ideas ~ to dreams ~ from conception to matter on the physical plane of existence are divine feminine properties. We can then bring out more of our inner storehouse of what is wanting to be made known & experienced.

Explore ways that work for you to connect in with your divine feminine ~ for healing, love, nurturing, Grace, inner light, inner knowledge, etc…if you are not sure how to elicit this highly personal connection ~ go out in nature ~ that is a good starting point at any point ~ She will let you know exactly what is perfect for you ~ just listen & She will provide. 🙂


∇ Divine Feminine∇

Divine kinship with Self

A Sacred Pearl is Born

Love yourself ~ as “”key” to personal growth, healing, balance, & peace


From the silky water depths beautiful Pearls are born. The creation of a Pearl is the result of irritation to the soft body of a mollusk. A grain of sand ~ or some type of irritant~ taking up residence on the soft inner body ~ the sea animal in turn soothes itself from this with layer after layer of nacre (an organic crystalline substance secreted by mollusks ~ resulting in an iridescent glow ~ aka mother-of-pearl). 

So here we gain insight into the importance of attention to individualized self care. Just as the emerging ~ Pearl to be ~ unburdens itself from the appearance of a irritant ~ by saturating itself in nacre ~ nurturing itself continuously ~ as much as needed ~ as a calming  remedy & consoling act of self love ~ we to ~ as a responsibility to our own evolving ~ must take on the same properties of nurturing ourselves daily ~ softening & relaxing our inner nature. The end result ~ the beauty & perfection of the Pearl.

The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ as the Great Nurturer ~ one of Her many blessed divine qualities ~ leans us in this orientation to self directed loving gentile care ~ a  “peace offering” we offer to ourselves ~ the greatest act of kindness to oneself. No one can do it for you & false attempts with superficial remedy’s that stem from outside sources prove utterly futile. This is why we must offer it to our selves as the highest act of worship honoring the divinity that we are. The Divine Mother ~ The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ will help us with this ~ as She wraps Her loving nurturing wings around us ~ as we learn this basic principle of self honoring. Call upon Her for support. 🙂 #dailyselfcare


Ω Moon Water PearlΩ

≈Born from the Waters≈

 #wisdom #divineflow #bornofspirit #healingwaters


The Moon δ The Water δ The Pearl ~ connectivity as a feminine symbol



    With the Moon’s gravitational force (& sun) upon the water ~ influencing the rhythms *high tide *low tide ~ cycles ~ a breathing ~ a flow ~ it makes sense that within the watery depths would emerge a beautiful physical form to behold that acts as a carrier of the properties & magnetic qualities associated with the mystical alluring Moon. That manifestation being a Pearl. #sacredpearl

The Pearl ~ born in the water. Born of the Spirit. From the Sacred Womb ~ a spiritual connection

The Pearl holding both spiritual & earthly significance

One of the Great attributes of the Moon is “Wisdom” ~ divine inner knowing. The Pearl also holds this wisdom energy. Wisdom as a transporter contained within itself of information vital to the path of the Soul to experience the higher divine realms, as a tool for enlightened conscious expansion ~ knowing thyself. The beauty & fruit of wisdom. 🙂  The spiritual gift of wisdom ~ “words of wisdom.” 🙂 The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia ~ female divinity. Her names, forms, & expressions infinite in nature. Her Wisdom as Source itself & as one self. Powerful beyond measure.



ÕPearl AttributesÕ

Some additional characteristics of the Pearl

  • faith
  • truth
  • purity
  • generosity
  • integrity
  • loyalty

Fresh water pearls symbolize purity, harmony and humility.




a poem honoring the Pearl

φOne Nation under Pearlφ

 One nation Under Pearl

One world under Pearl

One universe under Pearl


ÕPearls of CreationÕ



Pearls of Creation

 moon interstellar manifestation

traveled from the stars ~ birthed in the waterway

providing a gateway ~ moon day ~ yang expressway

intoxicate me high priestess of the seas

blessed euphoria ~ please

watery magical lunar Pearl

aqueous ~ saturated ~ bathed in holy dress

 we enter your mystical chamber

divine feminine reign ~ saintly pearls of rain

pearlescent ~ Chandra ~ light coming through

milky ~ Mother of Pearl ~ lustrous divine hue

 we become healed, reconciled ~ in your regenerating smile

re~ balance vibration ~ rhythmic undulations

calming reflection ~ centering elation

ebb & flow of life ~ cycles within cycles ~ buttering knife

soul migration ~ flirty rotation ~ immortality destination

balancer ~ dancer ~ Grace you flower

silvery white perfection ~ oceans meteor showers

regal ~ elegant ~ charismatic born

to thee I am drawn ~ adorn ~ reborn

waves encounter ~ nacreous armor ~ great charmer

Poema ~ “pearl of the deep seas” ~ I drown in your stirring mystery

opalescent ~ I begin to dream ~ arousing opaline

Soma dream state ~ Soma ritual ~ cosmic chalice I drink of

polished by nature ~ luminosity abounds

I can not but be kindled ~ amused ~ in awe of your heavenly crown

a sacred pearl ~ a divine pearl ~ a royal pearl

nurturing sultry rapturous ancestral jewel

how beautiful you are ~ shimmering white dove ~ mirror from above

sanctified honor ~ receptivity ~ worship I give to thee

pearl drops ~ water sounds ~ wisdom abounds

legend tells us ~ cultures convey

that when we bow our heads ~ your ancient wisdom comes to bay

gentle guiding force ~ silent communication your course

mystique ~ nature Herself ~ enchantment

illumination your embankment

Oh, creation pearl

lead us to our break through

Oh, pearls of creation

return us to our transcendent formation

through & through

lucky horse shoe ~ deja vu ~ wake us up brand new

One nation under Pearl

all in union, our salvation ~ in appreciation

Sacred Pearl

offerings of fullness of admiration

for you

Pearls of Creation




Heavenly blessings of the Pearl!!!

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