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Samantha Pearl Green #greenheart

≅Samantha Pearl Green≅ #newearthkitty ↔Through the Light of my Heart↔ ♥green heart green light♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The heart is our connection ~ to our life ~ to all life The sacred regions of the heart speak to us ~ ∇the search ends  listening begins∇  The terrain of the heart is our healing sanctuary, our gospel of… Read more »

In the Space of Winter ~ a time to prepare

∞In The Space of Winter∞ #samanthapearl #newearthkitty ⊗Winter⊗ ~  a time to go within ~ to prepare ~ for change for what will be next in our lives We grow ever closer with our Souls ~ receding into its unspoken magic #pausereflect #pawsreflect In The Space of Winter In the space of winter my soul… Read more »

Spells of the Eve ~ Into the Night

ξSpells of the Eveξ ⇔Into the Night⇔   ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ October Winds When the Moon Goddess reveals Herself   Inspiration Yeah! It’s Halloween!  The inspiration behind this poem and imagery is to tap into the wild mystical winds of October and send out a prayer for the Moon Goddess to reveal Herself. ⊗A Samantha Pearl Halloween… Read more »

Path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

⊗Path of the Autumn Sun ~ the Autumn Moon⊗   ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗ Welcome to the Autumn season! The Song of Autumn The voice of the harvest: We become entranced with the delights of the season. We sense the changes even before they appear ~ we attune to the changing of the season and recalculate. The air… Read more »

Samantha Pearl ~ conscious living

Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty Conscious Living ♥Pet owners & lovers know the value of animals as the wisdom keepers that they are. Always imparting wisdom to us if we awaken to their offering♥ Golden pearls #wisdom *Some practical advice* Ωfrom the new earth kittyΩ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ∞ take time to relax, rest, & regenerate ~ as part… Read more »

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday #happypaws #bday #nyop

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday  🙂 May 1, 2018 Samantha Pearl turned “4” 🙂 #newearthkitty #444 #solarreturn #4thbday #meow #celebrate         Celebration art piece above for Samantha Pearl turning 4 years old on May 1st 🙂 If you look closely you will see a series of 3 4’s embedded in her image! #444 … Read more »

Samantha Pearl #greenpastures #evergreen

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty ⌈Our beloved rescue kitty serving as a beautiful muse⌉ Samantha Pearl’s color is green (a lime chartreuse)  ⊕Green Pastures⊕ ⊥In Thee I rest⊥ #greenpastures #evergreen #restwithin ⊗⊕⊗⊕ The inspiration for this blog post and imagery is from the well known beautiful Psalm 23:2 “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want…. Read more »

This is where I go…the Mother Well ~ the intuitive well

    ⊆This is where I go⊇… The Mother Well ςthe intuitive wellς ΩΩΩΩΩ A Place of Quiet Solitude ⇔to know, to wonder, to be⇔ ⇔to let the vision speak to me↵ ΩΩΩΩΩ     ♥Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty  If you are new to my blog posts, I often use our rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl, as… Read more »

Windmill ~ As It Will: movement ~ consciousness transformation

ℑWindmillℑ ⊗As It Will⊗ §Movement ~ Consciousness Transformation§ ⇒Praise to the Wind⇐ ⇒The Element Air⇐ The wind is a symbol of the spirit, the vital breath of the universe. It is powerful, invisible, but evident by its effects on matter ⊕ a breeze of destiny ⊕ ↔Windmill as a symbol of the movement of transformation… Read more »

Samantha Pearl & Dragonfly #newearthkitty

Fly Dragonfly Fly #samanthapearl #newearthkitty #dragonfly #fly   When I took a look a little look into the light a dragonfly I did but see glee, carefree, enveloping me not your typical dragonfly but one with rubies & diamonds flying, rhyming, chiming, & shining it came close close to me fluttering wisdom, transformation, for each… Read more »