Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

Mystery @atthelake *^Angel in blue^*


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

⊕Angel at tree 28⊕



The Day of Now

An angel to help you find your way

As you cross the lake

to experience your new now day



An angel calling to you

come, receive

 the sphere of light I hold

I greet you

this day

come, behold



The tree behind the angel is from a photograph I took  from a visit to Battery Park, New York. Somehow that image was chosen and then I just added the other elements. What I love about the creative process, at least in my experience, is often it has its own trajectory. Best to just go with it. 



The inspiration for this blog post is multi ~ fold, however, primarily it is to serve as a reminder that we are the light and the journey back to Self Realization (crossing the “lake”) is our ultimate fulfillment while here on Earth. Although it seems like a journey, it is also not a journey. Mystery and truth meeting. 

Call upon the Angels! You are worthy to receive and our beloved Angels await our every call. We have Divine assistance and don’t have to go at life “alone” ~ we do need to take the action though to initiate the call. May you be richly blessed by your Angels and guides.

Additionally I would like to offer a reminder to trust in yourself, offer up faith, and step out a bit into the unknown to receive your “sphere of light.” When the old doesn’t work any more ~ not bringing happiness and joy ~ we must usher in our new now day by “crossing our lake” as in the poem below. I pray blessings on our journey of a destination fully realized.

Those that dare cross the lake ~ teach and encourage others! 


Believe in Yourself ~ Serve Yourself:

The premise behind this imagery & poem is to believe without reservation ~ in yourself ~ your dreams ~ your potential.

♥To serve the “voice” that beats your heart ♥

Magic & Receiving:

ΨTo be aware that magic lives in your receiving.

ΨTo lay open to magic around the corner ~ to magic in your corner ~~ let this be your transporter.

ΨLet magic be the Wings you rally & set free 

ΨReinstituting the innocence and zest from our childhood into everyday trusting and magic!



In this post I have combined a resonance with the angelic kingdom and a reverence for the land of India. I have an eclectic nature so it works for me and I hope for you too.

It is my intention that this blog post will inspire you to hold onto your dearest dreams, believe in yourself,  cross the “lake” and rekindle an adoration to the mystical life!

I see with new eyes when I peer deeper than the surface value of anything. I hope you too will look at your life, surroundings, and the world in new and exciting ways! Where all becomes possible………



Cross over to the “lake”  (lake used as a symbol)

I chose a Indian Hindu reference, imagery, and video because I have a love, fascination, and admiration for the land, people, and culture of India ~ not to mention the supreme knowledge echoing within the land.

When I was 26 I learned transcendental meditation and a door opened of great interest and inquiry into the knowledge and sacredness of the Vedic Scriptures. I owe much to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation.  His multiple lectures on eternal truth, wisdom, and knowledge of higher states of consciousness have had a profound impact on me (and so many others). Maharishi’s  simple yet powerful daily meditation practice to bring the awareness to the still quiet transcendental field of pure consciousness for evolution and stress release has been a life saver.

The Vedas are the religious texts which inform the religion of Hinduism (also known as Sanatan Dharma meaning “Eternal Order” or “Eternal Path”). The term veda means “knowledge” in that they are thought to contain the fundamental knowledge relating to the underlying cause of, function of, and personal response to existence. They are considered among the oldest, if not the oldest, religious works in the world. They are commonly referred to as “scripture”, which is accurate in that they can be defined as holy writ concerning the nature of the Divine. Unlike the scriptures of other religions, however, the Vedas are not thought to have been revealed to a certain person or persons at a specific historical moment; they are believed to have always existed and were apprehended by sages in deep meditative states at some point prior to c. 1500 BCE but precisely when is unknown.


Hindu Temple on a Lake ~ South India (internet photo)

Lake symbolism

Apart from rivers and streams, lakes were an important source of food and water to many ancient communities. Lakes offered mystery and a tantalizing source of drama and adventure to the people with imagination as the life beneath the surface was invisible and not fully known. Hence, overtime a number of myths became associated with the water bodies.

A lake in Hinduism is not just a body of stagnant water, but manifestation of god. In the Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna states that of the lakes he is the vast ocean. Lakes exist not only in the world of humans but also in the heaven of Indra and in the supreme heaven of Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva. The Kaushitaki Brahmana Upanishad mentions (1.4) the existence Lake Ara and Lake Vijara in the world of Brahma, which a liberated souls have to cross on their way to the immortal world. Lakes are also resting places for many gods such as Brahma, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and several other gods and goddesses.

The placid waters of a lake represent tranquility, mystery, life, flowering of consciousness, purity, impurity, duality, and illusion. It is also a place where celestial nymphs often descend from heaven and take a bath. A lake may house water fairies, kind spirits as well demonic and evil spirits, besides serpents like Kaliya which Krishna slew. Lakes nourish life and take life. The lake also symbolizes existence with lotus flowers representing the souls that remain untouched by the impurities present.

Associated with every Hindu temple is a small water reservoir or a water tank (kovila) where devotees bathe before entering the temple. A lake may also act like a portal and open into another world to present a mystery or pose a challenge. In the Mahabharata the Pandavas were put to test by a Yaksha when they entered a lake that was filled with poison. To save them, Dharmaraja had to answer several questions. It was in a Lake that Bhima met the king of serpents and obtained boons from him. The lake was also the place where Duryodhana hid in the end when his brothers and his entire army was destroyed by Pandavas and he was left alone. Symbolically thus lakes represent life, consciousness, mind, tranquility, duality, illusion, impermanence, dream world, stagnation, impurity, divinity, abode, world, mystery, mother, nourisher, and spirit world



Watch this video to view magnificent Hindu Temples. *

Number #2 is on a lake*




In this journey

Cross the “lake”

*^ May we all cross over the lake

 receiving an unleashing

of unrestricted

magical blessings!




ΞCross over the “lake” & gather your Wings in Mighty FlightΞ




℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


Mystery @atthelake

standing at the edge of the lake

in front of me

a beautiful angel in blue

asking me to partake

I shook my head to awake

shake shake shake

she said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

the water with ripples ~ adorned in night glow

although it was wet it did not show

one foot then the other

across the lake I go

the lake water

a cast speller

onward I go

home ~ my inner dweller

the angel said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake


surface to waves

 deeper I go

head to toe

consciousness gain

everything rearranged

crossing the lake

a mystical exchange

the angel said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

an angel right here

come closer she called

here, take  this

the light sphere

her left hand outstretched

come get it

the light sphere

it seemed like a door


I wanted it like never before

the angel said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

on my way

I connect


a magical effect

the angels arm remained outstretched

an eternal stir

propels me more and more

although not moving

I draw near

the lake

turned to stillness

the angel said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

blue crystal clear

I become more awake

the angel began singing

soft sounds

the light sphere

she was giving

the angel said

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

mist brimming


the lake air

indigo and samphire blue my only field of view

a revealing

the lake was speaking

be once, meet once, repeat once

legend holds

secrets told

cross the lake

times three

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

now daybreak

light through the tree

a jubilee

the new moon above

the angel glowing in love

my feet touched the land

miracles now at hand

shake shake shake

I crossed the lake

I reached for the glowing sphere

in the angels left hand

she released it

suddenly a loud cheer

her wings flapping ~ fulfilled

all that is possible

is right here

I looked on with eyes revered

Truth, the Goddess, and the Universe appeared

the angel said

you have crossed the lake my dear

the times three has been revealed

all your dreams and more

unleashed now

into the atmosphere

they are realer than near

they will never disappear

 blessings now to you


the light sphere

is you

all becomes new

in thankfulness I turned away

 I blew a kiss

gratitude for showing me the way

a new day has risen

Christ light given

crossing the lake

was a chance I had to take

you too

go now

cross the lake

take up your glowing sphere

to shake shake shake

the light sphere is you

like magic

all becomes new

blessed be this new day

when all awake







∴Blessings of our New Now Day!!!

⇒Blessings of the Mystery @atthelake!

ΨBlessings of crossing the lake ~ to living a magical life!

⊗Blessings from the Angelic Kingdom!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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