Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

⊕Angel at tree 28⊕


The premise behind this imagery & poem is to believe without reservation ~ in yourself ~ your dreams ~ your potential.

♥To serve the “voice” that beats your heart ♥

To be aware that magic lives in your receiving. It may be receiving from another, in a book, in a glance, in a spontaneous surfacing of an idea, in the pursuing of a long awaited “to do” ~ in anything 🙂

To lay open to magic around the corner ~ to magic in your corner ~~ let this be your transporter.

Let magic be the Wings you rally & set free ~ cross over to the “lake” ~ & in this journey & setting free may your primary power be in the unleashing of unrestricted magical blessings


Cross over the “lake” & gather your Wings in Mighty Flight


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


Mystery @atthelake

standing at the edge of the lake

a beautiful blue angel asking me to partake

I shook my head to awake

she said

cross the lake ~ times 3 ~ take from me my glowing sphere to shake

the water was ripply ~ with night glow ~ although it was wet it did not show

daybreak light in the distance ~ the new moon above

I made it over to the other side ~ the beautiful blue angel greeted me in love

I reached for the glowing sphere ~ she released it ~ 3 doves appeared

she said

you now have within you mysteries to peer ~ they are realer than near ~ they will never disappear

they will bring you much cheer ~ as they appear ~ blessings now to you all here

in thankfulness I turned away ~ gratitude for her showing me the way

I begin right now today




Blessings of the Mystery @atthelake 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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