Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes behind time*

The bud emerges from the nothingness

The bud receives powerful creator light

The bud is growing even if no evidence appears externally ~ it will blossom in its own way.

§Bud to Bloom§

⇔eyes behind time⇔


→The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔

∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴

#childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame


→In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course ~ trusting and knowing in due season as directed by the Divine the bud will manifest into its full blossom↔

⇒The analogous metamorphosis we also go through deep within our Soul from our bud state to full blooming⇐

Whatever you may be growing and going through, it is my hope that this blog post may serve as confidence, support, and hope that you Will receive Victory ~ and to gather up inner strength and stamina to continue on ~ knowing that the Divine will dissipate all heartache, discomfort, and pain as the Great Divine Godhead see’s fit when that moment is to be. Let us trust and know that moment is just a step away ~ a breath away ~ it is here for us ~ let us rejoice in this knowing. Let’s awaken and rise to meet this Glory moment!

∇This is a splash of encouragement for all of us ~ the diligent Soul’s pioneering the way for the New Earth.  As the star children of Light ~ we are bravely traversing sacred ground as keepers of the eternal flame∇ Grace Be With us

δMay our steps be blessedδ


Bud Symbolism:

θThe *bud as a symbol of humanity’s path and our individual path of progression ~ that we are all on ~ into full embodiment of living as highly evolved beings. The *bloom* as the magical transformation of full blossoming from the bud state into our Divine sovereign status ~ individually & collectively ~ as Oneθ

ϖ Images are photos from our garden of hibiscus flowers ϖ

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§A conversation with the ∞eyes behind time∞

§Bud to Bloom§

Oh ∞eyes behind time∞ ~ I am finished with the classroom

let alone the standing room

enter I must the master’s playroom

the journey so long ~ it has gone along

 move in tempo the cadence is mine says ∞the eyes behind time∞

not when you have eternity in mind

but the labor so much

just ask an expectant mother waiting for her baby to touch

can’t I be behind time? ~ I am staying the course

I know I am Source ~ I don’t outsource

 move in tempo the cadence is mine say ∞the eyes behind time∞

but the nighttime feels in overtime ~ how much more of a climb?

∞the eyes of time∞ just mimic the rhyme

but I do tell you ~ says ∞the eyes behind time∞

you are far past mid course

though ~ let go of tomorrow ~ let the past be divorced

now is your force ~ this I endorse

I spin you, weave you, magically all nine

I open your shrine in due time

like the grapes on the vine

when all is aligned ~ no longer blind ~ fully shined

you may not know

you will know when you know

that your flow was to show that your bloom was enclosed

nothing removed ~ wouldn’t you know

remember this ~ from long ago

then you are at your plateau

bridge to Thoreau

from there you will grow ~ full know

rainbow ~ it is just but a window

Bud to Bloom

you will have risen from the tomb ~ born a new from the Sacred Womb

into the ∞eyes behind time∞

you will look into mine

Bud to Bloom

Go, now enter

the eternal garden of mine

perfect ~ complete ~ design ~ divine

your full blooming

this I decree for you

in My due time

your wintertime will warm

with your life reborn

miracles and wonder

shall be your new platform

from bud to bloom

BEHOLD ~ come ~ let us hear the trumpet blow

look see it now ~ like anyhow


full blooming coming into focus

approach it

it awaits

see it within

now we begin


*The Full Blooming*

Blessings for our Full Blooming

May our walk be that of faith, trust, and knowing

May we allow the Great Divine to have our “time”

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Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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