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144,000 friends #soulfamily

∴ 144,000 Friends∴ New Earth  ~ fully awakened Beings of Light 7th Golden Age #soulfamily #sacredflamekeepers #ascension ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inspiration: The inspiration for this blog post and tribute poem is to thank and honor all the blessed light keepers across the globe who everyday step into their light and love and set the frequency tone to… Read more »

Magnum ~ playin’ in a rock n’ roll band #summer2018

Magnum playin’ in a rock n’ roll band as the Summer sun sets *steel vibrations   *  *outdoor concert   *classic rock  *originals #summer2018 #concert #bethlehemPA #steelstacks ∞A view from on stage∞   As the July sun set on a unusually cool early evening, Magnum took the stage on the Levitt Pavilion to share with fans some… Read more »

In the Arms of the Divine Mother ~ #devotional

      ♥In the Arms of the Divine Mother♥ ΩShe is the AllΩ ⊗ Devotional to the Divine Mother⊗  #sheisall ΞΞΞΞΞ This blog post is devoted to the Divine Mother This blog post is a combination of Mother May I’s, Affirmations, and a devotional aimed to generate an awareness that transcends linear thought and moves… Read more »

Happy Summer Solstice 2018

*Blessings of the Light* ∴Happy Summer Solstice 2018∴ ⇑As Above So Below⇓  ◊◊◊◊◊ ΩThe Christ LightΩ We celebrate the Light The Light Within Our planetary Sun and Great Central Sun ◊◊◊◊◊ Our Ascension path draws us closer and closer to the awakening status of who we truly are. As the Light that we are. As… Read more »

Crystal Earth Blessing ~ devotional prayer #blesstheearth

Crystal Earth Blessing ⊕Earth Prayer⊕ *devotional hymn to our planet* #blesstheearth #newearth #crystalearth   *while reciting either out loud or silently please hold or have your favorite crystal (s) near you * this can also be an adjunct prayer to enliven a crystal grid * if you do not have any crystals that is fine… Read more »

Magnum ~ 2018 Summer Fun Concert

Magnum Takes the stage #summerfun #concert #classicrock #originals #steelstacks #levittpavilion Join us for 2018 Summer Fun! Magnum takes the stage July 6, 2018 at 7:30 at the Levitt Pavilion at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania :0 here are a couple of images from the last performance on this stage in 2016 :0 I enjoyed… Read more »

Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness ~ *Balanced* #devotionalhymn

∴Christ Consciousness Awakening∴  ΩDivine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ in balance with each otherΩ     ΩΩΩΩΩ ∴Christ Consciousness Awakening hymn∴  ∇Mary Magdalene representative of the Divine Feminine Christ∇ ∴Jesus representative of the Divine Masculine Christ∴ ◊◊◊◊◊◊ →Wholeness within the form↵ θBalanced Divine Feminine Christ & Divine Masculine Christθ ΩΩΩΩΩ This is a devotional hymn… Read more »

From the Goddess We Are ~ To the Goddess We Return #primordialwaters

◊Hymn to the Goddess within the ≈Primordial Waters≈ ⇒From the Goddess we are⇐ ⇒To the Goddess we return⇐ ∇ Goddess Light∇ ∇∇∇∇∇∇∇∇∇∇∇ ≈within the primordial waters≈ As the landscapes within us rise’s to the Goddess within ~ acknowledged & revered ~ we become reconstituted ~ delivered to the awakening of our sovereign divine state. The… Read more »

Honoring the Moon As Goddess ~ emotional body restoration #moonwithin

⊗Honoring the Moon⊗ ◊as Goddess◊ Restoration of the Emotional Body  #moonwithin ◊Moon Goddess devotional◊  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is some information on the importance of the Moon, & honoring Her, as  She is an active principle in our lives towards equilibrium & balance within our emotional states. Part & parcel of the Divine Feminine aspect within us… Read more »