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Wedding Bliss :) ~ Wedding Services :)

🙂 Wedding Bliss 🙂 Wedding Services provided by Leslie Sue Photo I currently am available for 3 types of wedding services. After close to 10 years of photographing weddings, I have combined my experience, knowledge, & interests into some wedding services that will benefit couples both prior to the wedding day as well as on… Read more »

Moments: Stage Side

    Magnum Stage Side View Magnum Summer 2016 #summerfun #goodtimerocknroll 🙂 *Steel Stacks Levitt Pavilion Bethlehem Pennsylvania* Some highlights from Magnum’s outdoor pavilion performance Music ~ Color ~ Motion ~ Emotion Visual Poetry: Garden of Music: Painting Music as a Landscape: the sights, sounds, movements…the energy of a live show #spontaneity #beinginthemoment #intheair Motion… Read more »

Light Sounds #bedunmade

ℑLight Soundsℑ ϖBed Unmadeϖ A messy zesty sweaty very merry gettin’ ready →accepting what is  → seeing the Higher Wisdom →acquiring a welcoming stance ΦLoose ~ fittingΦ Sometimes the “mess” is part of the process to success. May seem like a mess ~ Oh to be Blessed! ∴The image is of my bf Steve practicing… Read more »

Summer Solstice: Sun Celebration

Summer Solstice: Sun Celebration June 21, 2017       Sun celebration the brilliant light divine creation, elation, endless duration that lives in the heart beating, illuminating, the depths of the soul a keyhole sun graces the sky infinite the sky of your life, innocent, magnificent all glory & humble honor hour after hour bursting… Read more »

Cosmic Light of Awakening

Cosmic Light of Awakening: the soul’s journey #museawakening #souljourney #union 🙂 Awakening Within 🙂 The cosmic light of awakening dreamlike state gentle unfolding, in your oneness make no doubt sacred light from the heavens join the light within you dream ~ you be ~ as if no movement, yet a cosmic spin entering higher levels,… Read more »

4 Days: when the rains fell

4 Days: When the rains fell A shower of blessings……… Garden Watch #rainsounds #eternalobserver #heavensent 4 days the rain did fall ceaseless, seamless, endless  sight unbridled spirit, linking day to night moment to moment lingering around each drop reverberating natures playground the heavens poured wide ~ reaching out filling & thinning  both high & low… Read more »

On the Wings of the Sunrise ~ Sun devotional

∞On the Wings of the Sunrise∞ Devotional to the Sun Within ∧Experience Your Sacred Brilliant Sun Within∧ ⇒Tune into the Brilliance that you are⇐ #wingofthesunrise #goldenwings #gowithin #shine heat of the sun ~ blazing ~ glowing *Experiencing the warmth & golden nature of the sun held within* As a practice  ~ consciously I attune within… Read more »