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Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose

ΩSisters of the LightΩ ∇Petals of the Rose∇   ∇Welcome Daughters of the Light! This blog post is in honor of the sacred Divine Feminine energy  This is a reminder of the preciousness that you are, of your divinity as a powerful co ~creator to manifest a world of beauty, peace, and love when connected… Read more »

Global Love ~ when the heart goes around

♥Global Love♥ ♥when the heart goes around♥   ⇒A world coming together⊗ ♥♥♥♥♥ ∴Some personal reflections and observations on current global conditions∴ Covid ~19 has impacted all of humanity ~ one way or another. My heart goes to those who are and have been grieving, to the families ~ friends ~ loved ones impacted, to… Read more »

Cosmic Farmland ~ the intermission

ζCosmic Farmland ⇒The Intermission⇔ ◊Where dark ends and light begins◊     *photograph from a New Jersey visit in a beautiful rural area* Inspiration The inspiration for this blog post literally began with new shoes I recently received. Oh, how the Universe speaks to us if we so dare be observant. The symbolism, the timing,… Read more »

Cosmic Buddha ~ All Becomes Supra

    ⊗Cosmic Buddha⊗ ℘All Becomes Supra℘ ∴∴∴∴∴ Inspiration: The inspiration for this imagery and poem started with a photograph I took of a Buddha sculpture that blesses our entry table by our front door. Then I turned it into a digital art piece as shown above.  His presence also graces the space where the… Read more »

Contemporary Living: A Now Thing

⌈Contemporary Living⌉ ∧A Now Thing∨ *An esoteric exploration into contemporary living through art and contemplation*   ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ Inspired by Moving, the Symbolism, the Change… ♥Moving into a new home♥   Inspiration The main influence for this blog post is our recent physical move to another location and into a new home. Looking deeper into the… Read more »

Transcending: Bridge to Freedom ~ ^healing^

→ ⇑Transcending⇑: Bridge to Freedom Dares of the Uncommon Kind ⊕Healing ~ transcend and walk the bridge to Freedom⊕ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⊥Above all time and space I remember perfectly the Love I am eternally⊥ ΩΩΩΩΩ ∴This blog post was created over the course of 6 months of my healing journey…..many a month and more it was… Read more »

Prayer and the Wheel

“Praying hands symbolize obedience, submission, sincerity, repentance, veneration and respect in regard to one’s higher power.” 〈〉〈〉〈〉〈〉〈〉 ‡ Prayer ‡ ⊗The Wheel⊗ ⊗A peer into prayer, the wheel and its related symbolism⊗   Inspiration: ♥This post is centered on standing in prayerful Love♥ Love of Self ~ humanity ~ the Earth ~ and all Her… Read more »

*Girl Pink* ^the interlink^

ℑ ≈Girl Pink≈ ~ ^the interlink^ ◊◊◊◊◊ ⇒The inspiration behind this came about after showering and wrapping myself in pink towels with a mermaid motif. Literally the idea entered my awareness⇐ ◊◊◊◊◊ ⊗Girl Pink is you⊗ ⊗Girl Pink is me⊗ ℘ Girl Pink is anyone who is cognizant of their weave in, of, and through… Read more »

U.S.A. ~ Song for Freedom *July 4th Celebration*

  §United States of America§ ∴Song for Freedom∴   ℘July 4th Celebration℘ Happy Birthday!!! ◊United States of America◊ ◊◊◊◊◊ A celebration in the skies A celebration across the land ◊◊◊◊◊ We turn 243 From July 4, 1776 to July 4, 2019 ◊◊◊◊◊   Great Seal of the United States Eye of Providence Providence has approved… Read more »

Sun in my Heart *devotional

∴Summer Solstice 2019 ∴ June 21st ∴Celebrating the Light∴ ∴∴∴∴ ♥Sun in my Heart♥ ⇑Rise and Shine⇔ ΔWe spread our Wings and FlyΔ *photos were taken at a local park*  ∴∴∴∴ ⇑The Summer Solstice symbolizes the Ascension⇑ During the Summer Solstice we celebrate the Sun ~ the Light. An observance of what gives us life,… Read more »