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My My Mermaid #mermaidofmine

ΨMy My MermaidΨ ◊mermaid of mine◊ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A look into the symbolism & associations with mermaids #enchantment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ∞Go with the Flow∞The word Mermaid comes from ‘mer’ meaning the Sea∞ →All life flowing from the primordial waters ~ such a Great Life Giving Force can only create that which is Great within it↵ #cosmicpower Source… Read more »

Message in the Wind: I thought I heard the wind chimes #chime

  ζI thought I heard the wind chimesζ ∞Message in the wind∞ chime * chime * chime * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The space where I edit my art images spills out into a viewing area of our screened in patio & then out into our garden. On our screened in patio we have hanging a beautiful 6… Read more »

Into childhood I go ~ Nothing to know

→Into childhood I go← Nothing to Know ◊Return to Innocence◊ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This poem & imagery is inspired by the wonder, innocence,  & freedom of childhood. The memories flash in an instant We are there Walking the streets of our neighborhood Navigating within the home we grew up in All the scents, tastes, colors, & magic… Read more »

WWJB ~ What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore :)

∴ Contemporary Christ ∴WWJB  §What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore§ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⊥Who wants to go shopping with Lord Jesus? ⊥At the Dollar Store ~ yipee⊥ ⇑Let’s Go…⇓ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, as many great minds have wondered in these contemporary times, if Jesus was in physical form now what in the world would our Beloved Jesus buy at… Read more »

Brides with Spirit

Brides with Spirit #gotspirit #brideswithspirit #animaltotem #lion #peacock #foxfam #leopard I began this series, Brides with Spirit, several years ago. Here are a few samples of some of the art pieces from this series. As a fun & different twist to bridal imagery, I came up with the concept of pairing beautiful bridal photo’s of… Read more »

Happy Spring Equinox!! Life Springs forth………..

Happy Spring Equinox!!! A Celebration of the Sun!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Communion with the Great Light………… Life Springs Forth………………the light within #holylight #sacredlight #christlight Our life giving source & yet so much more. A case in study through out the world and through out time into the sun’s deeper meaning, significance, symbolism, & role in… Read more »

Ask a Dreamer

ζAsk a Dreamerζ Encouraging all to offer up moments to dream…to be…to explore yourself within…to hear anew…to see anew…to be born anew… #allowtimetodream #dreamwithinsowithout #dream Ask a dreamer what you want to know for when you do not believe it she will tell you it is so Ask a dreamer she will fly high &… Read more »

When it runs through your veins… #rocknrollsoul

ØWhen it runs through your veinsØ Rock n’ Roll Soul §§§§§§§§§§§ §An American Origination§ #rocknrollharmony #rocknsoul #anythinggoes  ≈The imagery and poem here is inspired by rock n’ roll≈ The electric guitar, the heavy beats and melodies, the bands, the singers, the lyrics, the feel in the air  when our favorite songs are playing… Rock n’… Read more »

Ruff it up @thebeach :)

Ruff it up @thebeach #blesstheanimals #petsmakeahouseahome Susan & her beloved dog Kona take to the beach!!!! #sun #beach #wuff #wag The morning sun doth quenched my thirst over the grand ocean if not by birth only us around to play & roll in the sand, sun & surf celebration of love human to animal the… Read more »