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Just like that ~ if not now #comeintobeing

χJust Like thatχ ⊗If not now⊗ ΣWhen it comes into being∑ ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ ⇑Dreams come into existence⇓ φthe appearance φthe materialization φ it turns up φ it comes about φ The Light φ ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ ≈We occupy & envision our most cherished dreams ~ while taking ownership of our current lives ~ coupled with a rising knowing… Read more »

Stripped Down ~ when all that is left is *Gratitude*

    ⇓Stripped Down⇓ ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*   Gratitude expands our energy. It opens a door ~ a magical door Gratitude serves our hearts and we become privy to many truths in our life that prior to were overlooked Gratitude can offer us a peace and a thankfulness that overflows…  … Read more »

Honoring the Moon Goddess ~ devotional #moonwithin

⊗Honoring the Moon⊗ ◊as Goddess◊ Restoration of the Emotional Body  #moonwithin ⊥Balancing our emotional body through collaboration with the Moon Goddess⊥  ∴Set yourself Free∴ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ΞThe Moon Goddess is our friendΞ Our sacred confidant It is important we take holy repose to honor the Moon Goddess as She is a part of us. We… Read more »

^The Mystic Trystic^ ~ *To Be As* #theseer

ΦThe Mystic TrysticΦ ∴To Be As∴ The Great Seer ~ The One who See’s ~ Beyond #enterin  #entryway #trustin ⇔Entrance Into⇔ ~ by choice⊥ ΦAs The Mystic Trystic teaches usΦ ◊Her delight ◊Her enchantment  ◊Her sacred bequest ⇔ is to bestow the blessings of the Mystic Trystic to anyone who crosses the bridge in faith… Read more »

Crush in the Dark: When Inspiration Hits

  Crush in the Dark When Inspiration Hits   ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ ‡Let Inspiration Find You‡ When we are deep within our selves such as during mediation, prayer, communing with our higher aspects, etc… we are transplanted into a void darkness that feels to me like a sacred womb where we can access all. We can submerge… Read more »

The Sea, The Sun, & Me

      ∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞ ∴Trice Three∴     ♥Endless sun filled days on the sea♥ ⊕Enchanted palm trees⊕ A floating stream of consciousness: A visceral feel and poem about being at the ocean among the palm trees and warm balmy breeze leaving the intellect and structure behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⇒Becoming… Read more »

Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission #grace #harmony #selfcare

⇒ Ascension Tickets⇐ ↔Free Admission↔ #grace #harmony #selfcare ΞGifts on the Ascension PathΞ ⇔ Always available to us⇔ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Simple Reminder of Simple Applications on the Ascension Walk: ∴GIFT YOURSELF∴ The Ascension Path ~ Grace, Harmony, Self Care & more!!! 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do we have at no cost? ⊗that is always available⊗ ~ that… Read more »

When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘ ∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞ ΦA Dance for LoveΦ   Inspiration: ♥♥Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Adding some romance, love imagery, & poetry to the mixδ ⊆Have a dance for love⊇   *This image is from a wedding I photographed turned into a digital art piece*   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ≈Water Lilies≈… Read more »

Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes behind time*

§Bud to Bloom§ ⇔eyes behind time⇔ ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗ →The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔ ∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴ #childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame Inspiration: →In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course… Read more »