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ΞSeptember Interlude ⇔Passing Through⇔

ΞSeptember InterludeΞ ⇔Passing Through⇔       Inspiration:   September always ushers in a churning within where the tides change. The summer sun fades rearing its head a few more times, yet giving way to the autumn sun that peeks here and there of its coming presence. A passage of time that feels very transitory… Read more »

Mirror Affirmations ~ Empower Up

⇒Mirror Affirmations⇐ ⇑Empower Up⇑   Inspiration: The inspiration for this blog post is to offer a mirror practice that consists of positive affirmations to uplift and direct the awareness towards the truth of our existence ~ to the truth of our soul nature. This is in conjunction with simultaneously looking into a mirror and accessing… Read more »

Grace: The Flow of the Feminine Christ

  ◊Grace◊ ⊕The Flow of the Feminine Christ⊕ ⇒Receiving and Knowing⇐ ΞRejoicing in GraceΞ Inspiration: The inspiration for this blog post is to know and receive Grace. Grace that is always present. Grace that blesses all. ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ ◊Grace the Flow of the Feminine Christ: ♥The heart of the Divine Feminine flows Her Grace to all… Read more »

Being in your Body: 7 easy steps

ΞBeing in your BodyΞ ⇒Anchoring for Healing↵ 7 easy steps! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ΞBeing in your bodyΞ ~ <anchoring and healing> In this blog post I will share with you some tools in the toolbelt that have helped me unite and coordinate awareness within my body. You will feel less scattered and be more rooted in your… Read more »

Bridge to the Divine ~ Healing Sessions

Bridge to the Divine ⊕Healing Sessions⊕ ♥Holy Spirit Directed♥   ◊Love and Light Greetings◊ Bridge to the Divine healing sessions: I have been guided to offer energetic healing services to those that are interested. Healing in any form ~ *physical, *mental, *emotional…*spiritual. You decide the healing area. I myself have also been on a healing… Read more »

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose

ΩSisters of the LightΩ ∇Petals of the Rose∇   ∇Welcome Daughters of the Light! This blog post is in honor of the sacred Divine Feminine energy  This is a reminder of the preciousness that you are, of your divinity as a powerful co ~creator to manifest a world of beauty, peace, and love when connected… Read more »

Cosmic Buddha ~ All Becomes Supra

    ⊗Cosmic Buddha⊗ ℘All Becomes Supra℘ ∴∴∴∴∴ Inspiration: The inspiration for this imagery and poem started with a photograph I took of a Buddha sculpture that blesses our entry table by our front door. Then I turned it into a digital art piece as shown above.  His presence also graces the space where the… Read more »

Honoring the Moon Goddess ~ devotional #moonwithin

⊗Honoring the Moon⊗ ◊as Goddess◊ Restoration of the Emotional Body  #moonwithin ⊥Balancing our emotional body through collaboration with the Moon Goddess⊥  ∴Set yourself Free∴ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ΞThe Moon Goddess is our friendΞ Our sacred confidant It is important we take holy repose to honor the Moon Goddess as She is a part of us. We… Read more »

^The Mystic Trystic^ ~ *To Be As* #theseer

ΦThe Mystic TrysticΦ ∴To Be As∴ The Great Seer ~ The One who See’s ~ Beyond #enterin  #entryway #trustin ⇔Entrance Into⇔ ~ by choice⊥ ΦAs The Mystic Trystic teaches usΦ ◊Her delight ◊Her enchantment  ◊Her sacred bequest ⇔ is to bestow the blessings of the Mystic Trystic to anyone who crosses the bridge in faith… Read more »

Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes behind time*

§Bud to Bloom§ ⇔eyes behind time⇔ ⊗⊗⊗⊗⊗ →The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔ ∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴ #childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame Inspiration: →In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course… Read more »