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Celtic Goddess Brigid ~ the promise of spring *devotional hymn*

⊕Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring⊕ Inspiration: Diving into the Goddesses and becoming more acquainted with them is a passion of mine. This blog post is a celebration of Celtic Goddess Brigid through some background knowledge, a poetry devotional, and art imagery. The images were originally a model photo session that I turned into… Read more »

Living in Joy #joyinallseasons

        ◊ Living in Joy ◊ ζ Joy in all Seasons ζ   ⊆ Being in Conversation with Joy⊇ followed by ∴∴A prayer to live in sanctified Joy∴∴   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⊕Life is honored when we honor our selves⊕ We look to ourselves, within, to create the life we desire. We honor our… Read more »

Message in the Wind: I heard the wind chimes #chime

  ζ I heard the wind chimes ζ ∞Message in the wind∞ chime * chime * chime * The inspiration behind the imagery and poem is a fascination with the element wind. It is that unseen, yet tangible force that often comes out of nowhere ~ yet everywhere. It’s moods and power are as varied… Read more »