Green Pastures #samanthapearl :)

Green Pastures

In Thee I rest

#samanthapearlΒ  #newearthkitty #nyop

In the eternal evergreen

of the green spaces

rich & fertile

with ideas,Β  health,Β  peace,Β  abundance

I rest in Thee

Grace, magic, & restful awareness

you give to me

ever renewing, centering, in stillness & whispering thoughts ~ I draw from thee well

I thirst no more ~ fully quenched

In the eternal evergreen

I carve out my space

the space to be

dreaming, receiving, being,Β  melting into the absolute

transcending, evergreen, I go & you come to me

we meet in the center

in the depth & quiet ~Β  fullness I breath

I become, evergreen


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Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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