Samantha Pearl & Dragonfly #newearthkitty

Samantha Pearl & Dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly Fly

#samanthapearl #newearthkitty #dragonfly #fly


When I took a look

a little look

into the light

a dragonfly I did but see

glee, carefree, enveloping me

not your typical dragonfly

but one with rubies & diamonds

flying, rhyming, chiming, & shining

it came close

close to me

fluttering wisdom, transformation, for each individual & nation

new earth, all in rebirth, sacred creation

fly dragonfly fly

fly near me, above & below

holding meaning, revealing, self realizing

glowing, illumined in bright heavenly light

wings of prayer

tender bells ring in the air

you fly for change, you fly to be free

your rubies & diamonds & silver tail ~ carry symbolism from beyond the veil

fly to the high sea, the fruit tree, & back to me

fly dragonfly fly

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Miracles Happen!! #stayware

Original art & poetry by Leslie Sue Photography

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