Crystal Light Music ^a song in crystal^

℘℘℘Crystal Light Music℘℘℘

  ℘a song in crystal℘

→*environment observation*←

Imagery I created for a devotional to Goddess Sekhmet ~ Ancient Egyptian Lioness Goddess


↔Sacred Kemetic Land and Legacy↔

Kemetic is the native name of the Ancient Egyptian homeland


 θThe Kemetic Way of Life is to be One with the Divine Creatorθ


Ancient Kemetic Spirituality

∴Divine Creator substance within All Creation∴

 Ancient Kemetic spirituality centers itself on the foundational belief of  “The One in Many” ~ the Divine force pro-generated itself into the many. This all ~ powerful Divine Creative force multiplied itself ~ carrying within its creation the seed form of its divine essence. Its living Spirit structured within all manifestation. So all materialization is a continuation, or extension, of the Divine ~ containing within itself its own specified properties as well as Creator Light.

 The inspiration behind this imagery and poem is the Kemetic directive of viewing the world  ~ creation ~ as completely embedded with the energy frequency field of the Divine Creator.

 A basic Kemetic spiritual principle is that the Divine Creator is a living substance within Her/His creation ~ no division or separation. The Divine Creator is in all humans, animals, plants, objects ~ everything.

ξGame Changerξ

As with all great advancement on the evolutionary path, we must adopt, take in, nurture, and give life to on the experiential level to make something a living reality. So, steps towards experiencing ourselves and our world ~ inclusive of All it encompasses ~ as having planted within it Living Creator Light particles provides the invitation to do no harm. No harm to self, others, animals, the natural environment of plants, trees, etc… ~  as all that exists within creation is held in a consecrated light.

As we progress in our conscious awareness and become more cognizant of our subtle body and subtle energies, we tangibly experience the Divine Creator within us as us, as well as a dynamic field of energy within all of creation. This ultimately leads us to the Great Meeting place ~ the immaculate ambrosial space where we meet up with ourselves. What could be better? The final curtain opened ~ revealing the Truth of who we are. Living and experiencing ourselves and all of creation in Unity Christ Consciousness ~ the masterful state of perfectibility.

We owe much to the Blessed Land of Kemet ~ their teachings, spiritual endowments, and ways of living in union are seen in multi fold expressions across the globe ~ more often than not ~ not receiving the credit due as the originators of great cosmic tutelage. The Kemet legacy and way has laid the ground work for much of our modern life.


⊥Becoming aware of our surroundings⊥

Our environment is always speaking to us

The material inspiration behind this poem is some beautiful crystal pieces we inherited that are displayed in a dark wood cabinet in our living room space. Across from the wood cabinet are several panels of glass on the West side of the house. Around sunset hour the space is ablaze with paradisaical light. The afternoon light is a kaleidoscope of singing hymns dancing off the crystal pieces. It was speaking so loud in a fanciful infusion of song that the beauty took me away ~ I could not help but stop in my tracks and honor and be grateful for this melodic light feast before me.

I offer encouragement to be aware of your surroundings ~ attuning to your subtle inner vibrations and that of your environment as best as possible.


℘℘℘Crystal Light Music℘℘℘

  ℘a song in crystal℘

→*environment observation*←


I walked by the crystal

in the glimmer sparkle light

vision of airy white

bright~ ignite ~ I put on the brake light

crystal on display

in the dark wood cabinet

extravagant ~ electromagnetic ~ divine inhabitant

field magnet ~ happening ~ sacrament

my footsteps spanning out

my mind a flood light

lined ~ unwind ~ remind

mastermind ~ designed ~ undefined

Crystal Light Music

 a ballad

I heard it within

violin ~ mandolin ~ next of kin

crystal light kisses spun & woven

opal like colors ~ fire motion ~ spoken

a language of crystal light

flying me like the highest kite

Crystal Light Music

day light ~ eye sight ~ star light

drawing me in

   crystal song they sing

built in ~ therein ~ wherein

Crystal Light Music

listening within

silent presence

omnipresence ~ attendance ~ essence

calling me luminescence

Crystal Light Music

stirring  and moving like water in motion

silvery crystal light

 heavenly bouquet

watch how it plays!

taking me into doorways ~ endless highway

I walked by the crystal

 this is all I could see

blazing glistening like a Christmas tree

I walked by the crystal

this is all I could hear

all else disappeared

Crystal Light Music

Do you see & hear?

cupid, fluid, somewhat elusive

a crystal song in the wind

unconfined state of mind

radiant diamond like harmonics

an honest promise

corals under the sea

silver jubilee

afternoon tea

Crystal Light Music

sparkling and glowing

particles of different worlds

dream world ~ trans world ~ real world

each time I walk by

the crystal

it speaks to me

commanding its presence

in beauty ~ in song

real magic there in plain sight

delight ~ all in excite

a visual meditation

 creation ~ flirty duration

Crystal Light Music

there in the light

singing praise ~ acoustics heaven’s rays

amaze ablaze

Crystal Light Music

in my line of sight

 clear hear ~ tone highlight

insight ~ dive in ~ take an inner flight

Crystal Light Music

within I unite


Many blessings of experiencing the Divine Source within and around you 🙂

May all the Truths of ancient Kemet be revealed for all to know!

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