Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

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Primal Forces

◊Sacred Divine Mother Blessing◊

“Shekinah Glory” ~ Holy Presence of the Divine Feminine

σRoot chakra awakening into the heart chakra openingσ



When the oceans of eternity rise & the Light has filled the vessel well

& the veil is in between opaque & sheer

the moon full within, majestic, & divinely revered

Ra in its inner fullness bright

& the walk has centered back

the Great Awakening begins to surface

all 4 corners gathered & wrapped in wings of light

circulating  through conscious awareness

transformation, healing, transfiguration

ancient rites enlivened ~ alchemical fire

appearances ~ birds, seraphim, winged Ones, stars, galaxies, & portals ~ animated & exhilarated

no day, no night, no time, in a moment of great stillness ~ in  receiving

eternity’s all consuming sacred light ~ holy recognition & surrender

many hands, many eyes, inner vision flying like doves set free

opened doors ~ spirals of unifying light

cosmic truths revealed, star-gate crystals ~ colored rays

the Holy Divine Mother regenerates & awakens

rebirth & ascension

Her call, you have received

Her awareness, you have merged with

Her Love, you overflow with

You have seen her in all worlds known to you & unknown

She rhythms in sacred fire dance around you

in swirls of anointing light

serpentine wisdom illuminates within

 Divine Mother Creation ~  Power ~ Birthing

removing all illusions, bestowing gifts, form & conscious awareness as its original state

all knowing remembered, each moment the Light

 Divine Source realized, the Oneness thread of all of creation

Her Holy breath breathed into all pillars, cells, organs, liquid, all ~ drenched in Her ecstasy

Pearls of Her Grace surrounding

Bliss of Divine Love consecrating, igniting, overseeing

harmonic vibrations & frequency as the permanent Way

heart beating with this newness

Mystical Divine Feminine

Shekhinah, Shakti, Prajnaparamita, Isis, Pistis Sophia

Divine Presence, the Mother’s heart flame

Purely & Divinely received

sanctified interchange of Spirit & Matter

Christ Consciousness birthed

  balanced Divine Mother ~ Father in Blessed Union

Complete Unification

sacred heart ~ sacred mind

The Divine Mother complete in her perfection & Gift of Grace

She marvels at the Wholeness, the Beauty, the newly realized form

enchanted  & enchanting

 flowing,  ~ in its magic & splendor

serpent knowledge ~ serpent gate

primal freight ~ birth date ~ accelerate

update ~ reinstate ~ invigorate

kundalini awakening

Divine Mother


all the colors of her love

uncover ~ recover




Many Blessings on your path of awakening 🙂 #now

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