Eternal Sun Within :) #christlight #shine #awaken

Internal Sun Awakening

Sacred Path of Light Divine

Field of Light

The Eternal Sun Within

The Christ Light Rising Within


*alignment with our inner sun ~ devotional*

*as within ~ so without*

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This devotional is aimed to evoke conscious awareness & attuning to our inner sun that lives within us all. Irrespective of gender, we all hold within our Sacred Feminine & Masculine. Balancing these inner aspects is of paramount priority in life as this balance mitigates much distress. First we must align & take conscious note of our inner sun ( & our inner moon) ~ as we open up new portals of self discovery, equilibrium, & balance. The other side of the scale to pay conscious honor & invoking is our Divine Feminine ~ which I will be creating additional devotionals soon. Bringing into Oneness our Divine Feminine & Masculine is an integral part of our evolution as fully enlightened Beings.

The Christ Light encompasses the full balance & integration of our Divine Christ Feminine & Masculine within us. It is a inner completion that takes place when the scales of balance are in perfect alignment. We must go within ~ do the “work” ~ in order to achieve this Holy accomplishment. The “work” manifests in self realization as a fully awake conscious Christ Light Being. Aim to come to full resolution of feminine & masculine inner qualities that await conscious recognition & finalization into Wholeness.

As this is practiced daily (or as much as possible) you will be amazed at many new revelations that surface. Such as areas within you that you become identified with that are higher aspects of your divinity ~  other areas of greater expansion ~ being in sync with & aware of nature & Her cycles, cosmic cycles, individual cycles, & self observant of attributes you hold that were always there but pop into your conscious awareness as they become enlivened. Some internal areas that emerge that are not in light cohesion will be present for your acknowledging & then letting go. Impurities must be discarded & dislodged so room is made for our true Light to take up full residence step by step.

Truly the path of self awakening is a Sacred Holy experience, that is the Soul’s Way. We each experience our awakening in our own unique way that is just perfect & tailor~made for what we resonate with deeply. Listen to & answer only to your inner Soul voice that is always guiding & speaking to you. 🙂

Be Blessed in your journey of  Christ Light coherence & unfolding………………..

Either prior to or after reading ~ sit quietly reflecting within ~ experiencing within

your brilliant sun held deep within you




Ever Present ~ Ever Glorious ~ Ever Shining

the Sun deep within All

The Holy Christ Light

 Sun ~ Divine Masculine virtues & attributes

in full balance with the beauty & harmony

of the Divine Feminine within

the living substance of our shared divinity

 Sacred Light

let us all ~ awaken fully to the flame of eternal light

that resides in us all

summon it ~ call it forth consciously ~ it is always listening

it is the aspect of us that never dies ~ that is the bliss of bliss

it is our own self responsibility to awaken to this Heaven Within

no one can do it for you

it is the Best Gift you can give yourself! 🙂

feeling this brilliance within you ~ the Truth of who you are

a holy landing of remembering

the warmth shines within you

the knocking of the door of your sacred heart

opening its petals as the flowers in the field open to the Creator

your voice, your awareness, your desire

crash like waves

the inner sun ~ the heart ~ the energetic force

sustaining life ~ breath upon breath

forever present ~ the time is now

ripe with the fruits of knowing

honoring your sun within ~ empowerment ~ strength

light of light ~ knowing ~ seeing ~ clarity

for each of us ~ in our own unique unfolding

symbols, dreams, higher thoughts & inspiration, breathing, heart awareness,

lifting waves like birds in flight

go within & experience

your inner brilliant  Sun ~ Christ Light

the Holy Light within ~ the Sacred Magic within ~ the Highest of the High

the scents ~ the flavors ~ the colors

inner landscape ~ brilliance & warmth

exalting ~ higher mind ~ Universal Mind

light pouring in ~ light pouring out

arranged especially to your liking

thus go within, & unlock the anointing

that blossoms you ~ that blesses you

that provides for each tree, flower, plant, & blade of grass in the garden

know your freedom

   step by step ~ each moment ~ a strike of lightning within you

amazing moments ~ insights ~ waves ~ treasures

 rivers of unending supply

the heart showers the one that goes within

exploring, unraveling, waking to new eyes

Allow your true nature

to show you the Way ~ yielding to its Divine Wisdom ~ Divine Love ~ Holy Light

 open an eye to what you may be led to

 sings & resonates within you

your Freedom within

inner sun ~ inner glory

Divine Masculine balanced, whole, realized

   the Light within ~ the Heaven on Earth that you are


Light from the inside out

*Blessings on your path to Awakening*


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