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§What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore§


⊥Who wants to go shopping with Lord Jesus?

⊥At the Dollar Store ~ yipee⊥

⇑Let’s Go…⇓


Yes, as many great minds have wondered in these contemporary times, if Jesus was in physical form now what in the world would our Beloved Jesus buy at the Dollar Store ?????……….so much to choose from & at only a buckaroo. Such deep contemplation on this most sacred of mysteries must be resolved. So off to the Dollar Store we go……….camera in hand, Beloved Jesus accompanying me………we head towards The Dollar Tree around the corner. So much running through my head, what will He buy, what will peeps say, who care’s……….let the $$$ journey begin……………


$$$ Dollar Store $$$

Well, me Oh my, right smack dab as soon as you enter the Dollar Tree, we are most pleasantly confronted near the front of the store with Lord Jesus images on candles. He turns to me & says…” I must be in the right place…………” He further mentioned something about the world being a mirror of your inner state of being. I was doing my best to listen, however, I was lost in a myriad of color, texture, & a plethora of items & was somewhat losing focusing ability.

The World is a mirror……….

Okay, in an effort to be organized, acting like it is a normal thing to be  surrounded by blazing golden light ~ as Lord Jesus has such brilliant light surrounding him & he was emitting it onto me also ~  so keeping my cool like this is just an ordinary day at an ordinary store ~ I seek out a shopping cart to begin our shopping experience. I heard him say something about seek & you shall find.  So, just like that a shopping cart appears. It looked a little more shiny & bright then the other carts, & Lord Jesus looked over at me smiling & nodding approvingly. Let the shopping fun begin……..filler up!!!

The shopping Fun begins…………..

First we head down the sundries isle. Lord Jesus likes that clean fresh scent. I watch, observe, wondering with great anticipation what he will select first. Holding my camera ~ armed & ready ~ what will the Master lay his hands on? Well, what do you know. He loves the Men’s 3n1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash in Cool Ocean Wave. He says the 3 in the 1 holds great significance. Awesome I said as I take a snappy. In goes the first Dollar Tree product into the shopping cart. We proceed down the isle. His gate smooth, rhythmic, & captivating. Next item is a Power Stick, some sort of fragrance, with delight Lord Jesus place’s it in the cart.

The pace is picking up now. Lightening speed is in the air. Hoping I can keep up, we move in & through more isles. Whala ~ he  then made a B ~ line  to the Sun night light. With great reverence he holds the sun light. Moving even faster now ~ he then stops & looks in great stillness ~ as if eternity is speaking ~ at a product. I get a closer look. Feeling the quiet reflection ~ I see he is looking at a can of fish. Mackerel to be exact. Lord Jesus says that this is “holy” ~ so in fly several cans.

Getting used to the high vibration vibe now & basking in the golden light ~ kinda even chillaxing ~ enjoying such elation in the Dollar Tree ~ almost dreaming ~ until I realize Lord Jesus is in another isle & I better catch up. He leaves a trail of golden white glittery particles so all I had to do was follow them. Off to various isles I go……..

Isles & Isles

Found him!!! In the electronic section. He looks at me adoringly & mentions he needs some new ear buds for his mobile devices. He likes the yellow ear buds so into the cart goes another product. With a fervent for his tire wheels super shiny, he also gets a tire & wheel product. In the domestics isle, he adds a set of 4 coffee mugs into the cart. I said “You drink coffee?” Lord Jesus somewhat amused & also somewhat serious says to me “Of course!! Never doubt, just have Faith my dear!!” Well, I am glad I am in such good company given my extreme java junkie ways. He flashes me a double huge smile. Lord Jesus selected the coffee mugs that say “Live in the Moment” ~ he says that is all that really exists. I smiled back. Just the thought of coffee was incredibly making me want some ~ I started to imagine things ~ coffee related things ~ I saw magnificent delicious coffee in Master Jesus’s new coffee mugs ~ I was deliriously swirling about in mocha java heaven ~ when ~ Lord Jesus placed his Divine hand on my shoulder and said we would continue our shopping experience. Whoaa ~ brought back down to earth, but still thoughts of a splendid cup of coffee where brewing about in my internal atmosphere.

Lord Jesus found a sign or sticker of some sort that had the words “Friends” on it. I think he mentioned he was going to put this in front of his house so that his peeps would know they are welcome. He told me he his glad we are friends & I concurred. We embraced in a hug & a happy dance in the isle. Good friends are like family he continued with. He also found a 5×7 picture frame that he added to the cart. He said that if he cut his hair, he would look similar to the man in the picture. Moreover, he said that this love image reminded him of his Beloved Mary Magdalene & that he had the perfect image of them together that he would place in the frame. He then spotted some pink roses in the floral section that he added to give to Mary.

WWJB @dollarstore

Pink roses for Mary Magdalene

Sensing that our Dollar Tree shopping extravaganza is complete, we review the items in the cart.

Okay, with a tally of items let’s see what we have:

  • 3n1 shower product
  • Power Stick
  • Sun night light
  • 3 cans Mackerel fish
  • ear buds
  • 4 coffee mugs
  • friends sign
  • 5×7 picture frame
  • a dozen pink roses

= $ 25.00

We are finished with our shopping & getting in line. He presents the cashier with a gold master card. I did not know there was such a thing. He said there is & you can apply for one now & that there are many rewards with it.

As we leave, Lord Jesus points upward. I notice the sign above the entrance & exit doors giving thanks for shopping:

Giving Thanks

He says we will have another shopping escapade sometime in the near future. He did notice some other products to get, but that will be another day.

So, out into the brilliant Light Lord Jesus & I go………………………..

While in the gift bag isle, I took a pic of these words on one of the gift bags as I knew this would sum things up…………

Best Day Ever!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


∴Blessings of shopping with Lord Jesus∴

ΩMay all your shopping experiences be GoldenΩ

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Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

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