Within the Earth

A faerie did glow

Within the Earth

🙂 a faerie did glow 🙂

Within the Earth

a faerie did glow

bubbles of rain

hazy blue green terrain

a wind swept whisper

sounds new like at birth

much lives deep within the reaches of the earth

She holds buried treasure & beings sacred that dance divine

music, playing, laughter abound

living & breathing just as we do

I did see a faerie, perhaps one or two

colors drenched in dreamy hue

how could it be, she is so merry & free

her smile delightful like afternoon tea

magical alchemy the faerie did speak

gentle & calm, so pretty & chic

Within the Earth

a faerie did glow

the sun that shines outwardly, also shines inwardly

sometimes the light tones change from warmer to cooler

light streaming & patterning like peering into the microscope of a jeweler

you may have seen a glimmer or sparkle

of a faerie’s a sweet hello

crystal like celestial show

Within the Earth

a faerie did glow

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Miracles Happen #stayaware

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