The Twins: The Dance of a Lifetime

THE TWINS: The Dance of a Lifetime

Moon ~ Super Moon 2017

May 25, 2017


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The Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

the life, all life, beyond life

the dance, the movement, the rhythm


the Twins

starlight strings, angels sing, endless spring

the you in the other, the other in you

new moon ~ super moon

in each other they commune

consume, lover’s moon

bride ~ groom

Β dance in the ballroom

the swallow sings a magical tune

into wholeness out of wholeness

interlocking weaving ~ never ends ~ mends ~ best friends

the cosmic dance ~ the twins embrace

birthplace, first place, take your place, no place, fire place

The Dance of a Lifetime

seen & unseen

revealed, the heart’s staircase, memory trace

pearls & lace, parallel interface

in the breath of remembering, breathing space

the eye’s awaken ~ open inner seeing

cosmic fire ~ passion winks ~ wisdom sphinx

Β Summer night, heights fly like a kite, up into the sky light

knight, bright, arc light,

excite,Β  tonight, insight

best dressed ~ undressed ~ sacredly blessed

twin flame embers ~ flashes ~ flickers ~ holy light

acceleration ~ penetration ~ celebration

moonlight streaming in ~ sunlight vision ~ starlight glimmer

a slow simmer ~ now~ twin ocean kiss ~ rapture’s thriller

prize, qualified, two fold ~ unfold

heaven sent ~ a gift from above

here now as below

treasures bestow ~ fluid honey currents flow

higher power ~ moments blossom rays of flowers ~ wild flower

it is so natural how it unfolds

all directions bundled into Oneness to uphold

Β wings wrapped like a bow ~ sun moon silver gold

when given the rose, no thorns appear

when the way is made through

there is no death ~ only life

lightning streaks ~ thunder rolls, twin souls

union is absolute complete

love seat ~ heart beat ~ drumbeat ~ box seat ~ white heat

the Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

sweet, tender, splendor, surrender

wonder venture, no agenda, Grace dispenser

The Twins

center, centered, enter

together forever


*May all be blessed in the arms, heart, & love of there twin

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Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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