Samantha Pearl: She Hears #newearthkitty

Samantha Pearl: She Hears

◊Samantha Pearl◊  #newearthkitty

ςShe Hearsς

#shehears #innerhearing 


Animals are known for their great hearing ~ varying from specie to specie. However, animals have an amazing ability to hear what is actually present, but often not privy to most humans.

We can develop this magical sense through practice, devotion, & Grace. This is our inner voice that affords us knowledge beyond ~ always steering us in the direction for our highest blessing.

Let’s listen & honor our inner voice ~ so that it becomes a side by side friend ~ our real true voice ~ leading the Way ~ the Way that is our divine path.

Let us also bless our animals as they are great Teachers as we journey together ~ progressing on our path of evolution.


I listen

to the sounds

in between the sounds

to the Divine Voice

to the silence

to the chords of music strummed by nature

to the sounds carried through the wind

to the sounds that come from the earth

I listen

to the movement of the clouds across the sky

to the sounds that permeate & structure the air

I listen

 to the traffic going by

& the distant trail of sound they make as they move down the road

to the birds singing in the deep of the night & in the morning light

I listen

to the sounds of the trees, the leaves, the branches that reach out to its Creator

to the blades of grass that whisper sweet song

I listen to the sun & what is spoken in its shine

I listen to the words & meaning in the light

I listen to my heartbeat

to your heartbeat, & those around me

I listen to your thoughts, I hear what is spoken & what is not

I listen to all matter

a table, a chair, the house, it all speaks & I listen

I Listen

to the faucet drip in the kitchen

to the hairdryer, the ceiling fan, & the currents that move from space to space

I listen to the patterns, the shapes, & textures

I listen to the rain & into each rain drop

I listen

to the shower as the water meets the tub, the coffee as it pours into the cup

I listen to it all

I listen with my outer ears & my inner ears

I listen & hear it all

I listen


Blessings of inner hearing!!!

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