Ruff it up @thebeach :)

Ruff it up @thebeach

#blesstheanimals #petsmakeahouseahome

Susan & her beloved dog Kona take to the beach!!!! #sun #beach #wuff #wag

The morning sun doth quenched my thirst

over the grand ocean if not by birth

only us around

to play & roll in the sand, sun & surf

celebration of love

human to animal

the years & moments all in ONE

faithful & true I speak with you

through ocean depths & warm glowing sand

a walk, a kiss, an embrace with the waves so close at hand

we know each other, how could we not

our spaces shared ~ our hearts ever entwined

I have had you since young & in between time

always our love

forever it shines



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Miracles Happen #stayaware

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