On the Wings of the Sunrise ~ Sun devotional

∞On the Wings of the Sunrise∞

Devotional to the Sun Within

∧Experience Your Sacred Brilliant Sun Within∧

⇒Tune into the Brilliance that you are⇐

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heat of the sun ~ blazing ~ glowing

*Experiencing the warmth & golden nature of the sun held within*

As a practice  ~ consciously I attune within to my inner sun (of course we have our inner moon as well to pay honor to) ~  summoning forth my divine sun to commune directly with it. In great fervor, reverence, & holy communion ~ knowing this is me ~ a real living aspect of me ~ having a direct knowing & experience with my inner sun ~ allowing it to burn bright ~ shine bright ~ be bright. Warm me inside out with its eternal golden shine. Many benefits ensue ~ on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels. As well as a means to move towards unification, wholeness & balance of our Divine Masculine (sun) ~ with our Divine Feminine (moon) as individually & collectively they are invoked with sacred rituals. Sometimes I like to feel stillness within my inner sun ~ as if basking in its brilliance ~ sometimes it is like a rising within ~ emulating the outer sun that rises each day. As if a progression & building ~ into its full crescendo of mighty rays pouring out. I stay open to new ways as well to experience & journey with my inner sun.

This inner sun honoring can be practiced any time ~ not just at sunrise. You can be facing our planetary sun ~ or in direct recognition of it ~ if it helps ~ indoors or outdoors ~ however, remember it is about the sun “spot” within you that you are consciously melting into to experience as a viable tangible life force energy that already exists within you. You can begin with visualizing warm colors with eyes closed ~ golds, yellows, oranges, sienna, etc….that evoke a sun like glow ~ going into your heart & solar plexus regions ~ just feeling & experiencing. If you have a strong advanced sense of smell you can enliven the scent of warm spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, etc….There is no right or wrong so you can’t mess up 🙂 If you are having issues focusing, you can ask your Higher Self for some assistance. These are just some starting off tips as you become situated with what works for you. You will be guided to what elicits a divine resonance with your inner sun ~ such as what to have in your physical space, or do before conscious attuning, as well as other practical ways that will benefit you to access this life force energy residing within you. Beautiful sun filled memories may sweep across your conscious awareness, or seeing or sense seeing a bright light, or warm filled peaceful feelings circulating within, or just a sense of relaxation & an emptying out of worries as the mind takes a welcomed back seat, or perhaps warm filled sensations, etc… Many potentials exist, what is right for you in each connected heart felt concentrated moment of inner sun deep presence awareness is just perfect for you. 🙂 This is such a blessing for you to do 🙂

As part of our daily (if possible) tuning into our sun within moves us towards our individual evolution as awakened Light Beings. In conjunction with inner Moon devotionals we gain momentum in our inner balance of our Sun (Divine Masculine) & Moon (Divine Feminine). This balance in our life helps eradicate extreme pendulum swings that can become out of context with our personal growth. Honoring both our inner sun & moon in ways that merit a sense of magic & delight promote a sanctum of flowing peace & Grace. Healing & an overall sense of well being.

You can not look outside of you ~ so we begin within where it all emanates from. Be bold & dazzling in attuning & mastering your Sacred Brilliant Inner Sun.

🙂 As you shine ~ we all shine 🙂



On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken

to the Sun within me ~ a raven ~ Divine light breathtaking

I feel your Divine warmth surrounding me

shamanic over taking ~ wildfire degrees ~ dream captivating

intoxicating ~ creating ~ solar playing

royal ~ portal ~ immortal

You live within me, among all the stars ~ moons ~ planets

organic ~ garnet blanket ~ inner mechanic

the Universe resides within & I create with Thee

the bridge from Heaven to Earth

pouring like rain continuously

feeding the flame & becoming sacred aware

the sun rises within me strong

along ~ belong ~ birdsong

my internal Creator I have joined with Thee

the worlds we create

the love heights we know

 deep within calling always

 on all planes ~ gains ~ solar lanes

I respond most joyously

Sun Sun Sun

I awaken to Thee

burning bright within so without

the Presence within ~ Holy ~ reverence & remembrance to Thee

Sun Sun Sun

how quickly I become enraptured ~ Almighty ~ One of no difference

generous ~ benevolence in each ray ~ illumination deliverance

  inner light archway ~ the Way ~ child’s play

Let me know forever more

the Oneness we are

luminary sphere star ~ dawning daybreak ~ superstar

On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken

again & again

Sun Sun Sun

Zen like state ~ heart light windowpane ~ left & right brain

grower of grains ~ golden chain ~ power domain

unto Thee I AM

nova ~ pulsar ~ incandescent brilliance ~ day glow ~ resilience

eternally radiant~ with Thee ~ I enter

center ~ mentor ~ fiery dispenser

Sacred lighthouse ~ forever storehouse ~ genius glimmer light

inward I go ~ inner beacon ~ endless duration

Honor to you ~ inner Sun ~ my salvation

Giver of Light ~ torch of the morning air

Sun Sun Sun

I offer up my dedication adoration

On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken



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