Happy Spring Equinox!! Life Springs forth………..

Happy Spring Equinox!!! A Celebration of the Sun!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Communion with the Great Light…………

Life Springs Forth………………the light within

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Our life giving source & yet so much more. A case in study through out the world and through out time into the sun’s deeper meaning, significance, symbolism, & role in our collective & individual lives.

Whatever theory or relevance you place on it, I invite you to explore the Great Light. Healing, reviving, all aspects of the Light, the Sun, the Sun behind the Sun, the exquisite eternal energy adorning & wrapping around us & how it can serve as a platform of resurgence in all areas of our lives. :0

All that one needs to do is allow the Grand Light into their awareness, being, & divine presence. Pretty simple. A conscious choice. 🙂

Let us allow the Light into the great depths of our being, healing all aspects, initiating a return to wholeness, balance, perfect health, & alignment with buoyancy & limitless being of spirit.

Become aware of & immerse yourself in the trans ~ formative properties of the Great Light.

In my two original art works included here, I aimed to visually display healing & receiving from the Great Light. In the first art work the subject is in complete allowance & surrender to the Great Light & receives the healing, uplifting, & multi faceted blessings the Grand Light bestows. She is floating as she is surrounded & upheld by the Great Light. The second art work the subject is again in deep rest & relaxation into the allowance of the Great Light to enter in via a human vessel as a conduit of the Great Light. Divine celestial awakenings abound.

Receiving the Great Light takes place in countless ways & most importantly in any way that resonates with you. Truly it is an individual preference in how one may receive the Great Light. It is not received in just one way, but exhibits innumerable gateways, & it is up to each individual to determine how she or he is most suited to receive Great Light. It is a journey & unfolding that continues on, modifying & expanding on the path it takes. A few simple ideas are to take time to go out into the sunlight & consciously receive as deeply as possible into all that you are, meditate, prayer & direct communion via internal & external rapport, connect with the Great Light & allow it to flow through you via art/music/poetry/dance/playing golf/holding a child or pet/cooking a meal/exercising/shopping/observing the light/imaginative play/the list goes on & on & can be applied while immersed in daily routine activities as well as time carved out for sacred growth & renewal. It is up to you to discover & experience. Most assuredly the Great Light awaits your call. You must call it forth. Certainly it is always present ~ however, you must make conscious declaration. Allow, align, receive the Great Light. Open to it & it opens to you. You don’t need a book or a manual, you just need you & to listen to & follow your inner divine barometer of truth & how receiving best suits you.

Let us be in holy celebration, receiving, & honoring of the Great Light.

Happy Spring Equinox!!!

Blessings of the Great Light!!

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!! 🙂 !!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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