Happy New Year 2022! ~words and love

ΞHappy New Year 2022!

ξWords & Love

Our Voices will rise together as One in Victory

Happy new year 2022! Many blessings of the heart to all!



Change is in the air! We are entering a new year ~ 2022! Lots of excitement & exhilaration as we turn another page and enter the new. We say goodbye to 2021 and bless all that it brought to us ~ challenges, breakthroughs ~ all of it, and say goodbye and relax into our new next page.

Spontaneously the day after Christmas I received some words from Spirit connected to 2022 to share. Most of the downloads came at once. When I went into my office studio space to write everything down, I had a beautiful confirmation when I looked out my window and saw a rainbow cascading across our community lake fountain. I was so grateful to receive such a wonderful confirmation.



Words & Love

Ξ Peace: Washes of peace will be experienced for the believers, the light keepers, the peace makers more so than we have ever experienced. This is all on the inner plane of consciousness. So don’t be surprised if you feel washes of great stillness, solace, and peace circulating through your system and awareness.

Ξ Natural remedies: There will be a highlight on natural remedies and Spirit is guiding us to fortification of our bodies through continual and new applications of nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic, essential oils, vitamins, etc…any and all natural substances to heal. If you are already on a nutritional regimen be on the lookout for the arrival of new supplements ~ esp. vitamins and or herbs combining several natural ingredients combined in one capsule. If you take a few or no natural supplements then see  & look into what you feel guided to take. Look at areas you want to heal and research potential options. Research will be key for expanded knowledge, listening to inner guidance, and some products will come to us in different ways. If you are a natural healer practitioner, this may be your year to really aid and promote your knowledge and share healing properties to open ears. Bottom line: be your own healer, look into natural remedies that feel right to you, do research, and share with others what has helped you if and when applicable.

◊If you are a vegetarian and not taking B12 & omega 3’s then you may want to look into this and other boosts to your system. I have personally found Hemp Oil to be highly beneficial as well as CBD oil. I take a couple of teaspoons daily of Hemp Oil and CBD oil at night.

Ξ Healing: There will be an acceleration of healing for all bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) Yeah!

ΞAnimals: Our beloved animals we share the planet with will have a strong role in 2022. This is for domesticated and undomesticated animals.

Ξ Miracles: This will be a year of many miracles for us that will come in unexpected moments for all. Not only will those that are the holders of love’s eternal flame be recipients of miracles, but those that seemingly have not yet embarked on their sacred spiritual journey will receive miracles so that they may return to the acknowledgement of their divinity and know first hand Divine Love.

Ξ Inner Voice: Our inner voice will be much stronger and clearer. We are guided to truly listen and follow and not to doubt or second guess. Those with a prominent connection will further increase and expand out into other kingdoms. Aim to cultivate through silence, dedication, and openness to hear within the true inner voice and allow it to speak within you, through you, guide you, bless you, and be a best friend. Establishing this connection will pay off in big ways. Those with an established connection are guided to teach others and serve as prompted.

ΞSlow down: Take it easy and slow down in relationship to rushing about and aiming to get things done. Spirit wants to show us the illusion of time and one of Her ways is to recommend to move about with a calm demeanor and mind and let go of the habit of rushing to get through things while being tied to time. If we relax more in the moment, Spirit will show us the illusory properties of time and we will release its hold. If you tend to move about quickly or fast throughout the day, then take measures to slow down the pace as you can and see all get’s done that needs to and judgements of doing will begin to fade as strongholds. Those that are easy going through the day and  connect into the moment are guided to help others in gentle and compassionate ways to be an example of how each day can be lived with joy and smoothness.

Ξ Let It Be: This is the only possible challenging aspect. It’s a call from Spirit to truly surrender without trying to change or fix anything whether in our personal lives or seemingly in the outer world. See where this may be applicable to you and if it shows up a beneficial reminder is to remember all things work together for good. The beauty of this surrendering is acknowledgement that we don’t know ~ we only think we know. This thinking we think we know and then taking non~guided action to fix something has taken many of us on a meandering path that only caused strife and hardship. Letting it be will help us loosen ties to the movie we seem to be watching and release getting caught up in the characters. Getting out of the way, letting the Divine do their thing, and listening to our inner voice for guidance, clarity, and when and if action is appropriate is the way to letting it be. Be the observer and cultivate child like innocence.

ΞMusic: New innovations in music Sounds in connection to music will be applied in new ways.

ΞFirst half/second half: There seems to be a demarcation point at the center of the year around June and then the rest of the year. The first half of the year will be very different from the second half. Spirit is guiding us to heal traumas, shadow areas that need light to be cleared as early in 2022 as possible. Focus early on in the year to what needs to be healed.

ΞShine: Step up & Shine. Keepers of the flame will be called upon to amp up leadership positions and share, teach, encourage, and offer knowledge in the way that only you can. Those already in prominent light leadership roles will expand into new and continued avenues as opportunities are brought to you. Those just beginning to step up to the plate as light will grow exponentially into solid based roles uniquely designed and connected to your soul. For beautiful light holders who have been laying on the side lines, you will be asked to step into a new role as a presenter of divine light and love. I don’t see an option in this per se, however, Spirit is always highly gentle and moves us step by step as deemed ready. Those who have feared back due to shyness and insecurity will take on formidable roles that are linked into your interests, passions, and gifts of the Spirit ~ shyness and insecurity will morph into empowerment! So step up if you haven’t already! Be open to opportunities inspired to create and or brought to you, collaborative efforts in your community, circle of friends and network, online, etc…All light servers must share, teach, provide, and offer God given skills and abilities.

ΞThe end of alone: No more doing it alone. Many of us have been going about life doing it alone, maybe feeling alone, making decisions alone, trying it all alone in one sense or another. This is the end of doing or going about it alone. Allow Spirit in so that this Earth thing is a together thing! Allow Spirit to fully guide, take the reigns, while we joyously co ~create together. Forgive yourself for going about it alone (if need be) and move on. Ask your divine counterparts, angelic team, Beings of Divine Light to walk and bless you each day. Surrender your life to and with them.

Ξ Children: Young children highly equipped will be popping up over the globe astounding us with their gifts. Although appearing in a young form, they are here to teach us and provide profound gifts to humanity.



Blessings for 2022 to be super charged with limitless Gifts from on High, perfect health, awakenings, heart openings & connections, and joy eternal! Many blessings of the heart now and always!


Self Love & Twin Flame Blessings:

Twin Flame Love


May all in 2022 rise to deeper heights of self love, care, and compassion. Fully loving ourselves unconditionally with beloved tenderness and forgiveness. Letting go of all ties to unworthiness, guilt, shame, and all that masks our greatness. May we love ourselves more than we have ever known, open our hearts to experience the wonder of it all and all that we are, and see this pure love in each other and in all of life.

May all who wish to join in the physical with their twin flame be blessed with such a holy encounter and blessed journey. For those who are already connected with their twin flame in the physical, may love grow ever deeper as One to new heights and bliss eternal.

*Art image is from a wedding I photographed several years ago and then worked up for a twin flame super moon.



Happy New Year 2022!

⊕May all awaken, be healed, whole and live in and as Light & Love Divine⊕

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Have a blessed day!

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