Hamilton: 4everhome #monetkitty :) :)

Sweet Hamilton: 4everhome #animaladoption

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∴ Art work inspired by the great French impressionist painter Claude Monet ∴

Please read about Sweet Hamilton & consider opening your heart & home to him. He gets along great with other dogs, however, he does prefer to be the ONLY cat. He will make a wonderful companion & will delight in being able to roam freely in a home after Way 2 long in a room by himself. Please pass on & share on social media this info to anyone you know who may be interested in pet adoption. Please contact Lori to meet him ~ her info below his bio. Ty πŸ™‚

Hamilton loves dogs and all people, but must be the only cat. He is fully vetted including recent blood work and is perfectly healthy. He is super affectionate, he just wants to be loved and be near his human. He is quite the talker, so expect him to ask you about your day and tell you all about his.. He has a good appetite, and especially loves his wet food. He is 7 years young, but has endured more than anyone can imagine in his short life. He is a true survivor and oh-so patient, and deserves a wonderful outcome to his story. He weighed just 4 pounds and had hardly any hair when he came to us from a terrible hoarding situation, and had suffered from severe neglect. After months of care and vetting and yummy food he is now a solid hunk of boy kitty with a full shiny coat of hair. He would love to have a special human to call his own, although he will be equally loving to all. He would be overjoyed to curl up on your lap while you’re on the computer or lay beside you watching TV until you go to sleep together. Please everyone! Don’t dismiss Hamilton’s plea. He’s a really good boy with no issues. He deserves to get on with his life. The loneliness of living in a room alone is heartbreaking. Take 5 minutes and post him on Facebook and another 5 minutes to email everyone you can think of asking them to cross post him. There must be a wonderful person or family out there somewhere who doesn’t currently have any cats and is ready to bring Sweet Hammy home. Thanks so much for caring and sharing..For additional information or to meet Hamilton please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net

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