Cosmic Light of Awakening

Cosmic Light of Awakening: the soul’s journey

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🙂 Awakening Within 🙂

The cosmic light of awakening

dreamlike state

gentle unfolding, in your oneness make no doubt

sacred light from the heavens join the light within

you dream ~ you be ~ as if no movement, yet a cosmic spin

entering higher levels, particles ~ star dust ~ source stream~ light beams

Center of the galaxy, portals opening

feeling ~ breathing ~ alive

all realms synchronize ~ unity realized

fully awake, each soul unto its own

for you, for me, & the birds up in the trees

Source light shining ~ all embodies ~ all will see

non changing ~ ever changing ~ the souls circle

eyes filled with light, heartbeat emitting divine purpose

great golden immortal

all deep knowing

sweet scent of roses

The cosmic light of awakening

enlightenment ~ the light inside you & me

rediscovery ~ awaking ~ realization

divine spirit descending

it is here

sending & always attending

receive now

your holy birthright

supreme glorious light

ever lasting & unending

we move forth ascending

into our

cosmic light of awakening

Blessings of cosmic light of awakening 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂 !!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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