Ask a Dreamer

ζAsk a Dreamerζ

Encouraging all to offer up moments to dream…to be…to explore yourself within…to hear anew…to see anew…to be born anew…

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Ask a dreamer

what you want to know

for when you do not believe it

she will tell you it is so

Ask a dreamer

she will fly high & soar

she won’t come down

you will never be bored

when four did fly

way up high

one to each direction

over the terrain no deny

Ask a Dreamer

If you don’t know

she will show you

the way to go

Ask a Dreamer

when the flowers in the garden are but a few

to connect back to when you were a child

your awareness now open & new

 your rules & beliefs you hold no more

Ask a Dreamer

a victory will score

If the dreamer goes so far inside

don’t reel her out

she is your guide

Ask a dreamer

when you want the fog to lift

amazing powerful mind body shift

the angels will sing

melody will ring

you will riddle with laughter

for what all souls are after

Ask a dreamer

to push back the veil

beautiful formless female

she will tell the tale

fresh from the river

life giving force

divine magic is the source

Ask a dreamer

when you are in doubt

“On heaven’s wings” you will shout

no place or space

escapes the dreamers sight

she can even see through & into the night

what is known & what seems hidden

born again & again

never tiring nor ceaseless

birthing your genius

almighty sacred knowledge

unraveling with delight

the dreamer pays homage

all unite

Ask a Dreamer

to light the way

shivers & rivers of magnetic waves

it was always in front of you

only a fraction you did see

Ask a dreamer

& certainty will be

Ask a Dreamer

& you shall claim your stake

a reaper of rewards

she is your supporter

make no mistake

Ask a Dreamer

when your truth you must find

she is the reveler

& reveals the mystery of nine

forever the dreamer amidst us 

in eternity & time

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