4 Days: when the rains fell

4 Days: When the rains fell

A shower of blessings………

Garden Watch

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4 days the rain did fall

ceaseless, seamless, endless  sight

unbridled spirit, linking day to night

moment to moment lingering around

each drop reverberating

natures playground

the heavens poured wide ~ reaching out

filling & thinning  both high & low

music in divine timing

I listened both day, afternoon, & night

I watched the garden, receiving its sacred love from above

feeling its refreshment I smiled thereof

winds heavy & movement strong

4 days when the rains fell

all nonstop, rain like the door bell

who’s there ~ who’s there?

a divine showering ~ wings drenched ~ answered prayers

spirals of knowing ringing in the air

a higher awareness ~ holy aware

4 days when the rains fell

Within Within Within

the mind at a deep place of observing

the heart still, quiet, peace amidst the downpour

a new chapter  about to unfold

most certain paths of gold

as the earth drinks gifts from above

 rain 4 days on

time vanishes, but not fully gone

4 days when the rains fell

deep cleansing, fortifying, speaking to anyone that will hear

a grand time for the seer

being the eternal observer

Oh, yes, when is the pinnacle?

I thought & pondered

the garden is moving mystical

 the chorus rises louder at intervals

pure notes moving across time

like keyboard strokes, or pen, the rhythm the rhyme

4 days when the rains fell

sometimes so sleepy ~  my heartbeat in sync with the rain

as I lay myself down

a showdown, a countdown

returning then fading

gifts are unfolding…….

Up to rise & gaze through my window

how is the garden? I watch & I stare

all of nature speaking in One

all unity, all whole ~ no parts

nature knows indefinitely

 a grand conversation all respectively

connecting all, connectivity

I am so happy with what the garden will bare

fruits, flowers, & green everywhere

4 days when the rains fell

surrender, releasing, letting it all melt away

4 days when the rains fell

cleansing & healing through & through

4 days when the rains fell

I watched & listened to the sky, wind, & earth

4 days when the rains fell

newness & freshness was to be

4 days when the rains fell

I knew it was a grand plan

from where it all began

4 days when the rains fell

everything merging & aligning ~ harmony dwells

I looked through my window, I looked inside of me

4 days when the rains fell

casting a benevolent spell

the garden allows all

4 days when the rains fell

I watched the garden

from early morn’ & through nightfall

4 days when the rains fell

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