⇒Do You Know? ~ ♥how beautiful you are…

Remembering the eternal Self


Crystal Light magical being praying for Earth inhabitants to remember their sacred beauty within ~ so without with her bunny helper



⇒Do You Know?

how beautiful you are…



The inspiration for this blog post ~ poem came about via observation. Observing others around me, observing myself, observing well known people. observing nature, observing animals…just plain observing and wondering…

⊗ …while taking visual scope around me I looked and wondered if those my eyes rested upon know how beautiful they are…⊗

This also stemmed as a reminder of encouragement to myself and hopefully to readers to identify with a higher inherent realm of beauty within and so without.

A beauty befitting All:

This beauty is non gender specific. It is the beauty of love and of light. Of intense exalted beauty emitting from someones core depth that elicits a sense of  beatific wonderment and penetrates straight to the heart. It is a beauty far transcending this world and the physical.

Moments of beauty:

 Moments of complete light………of complete love…….of complete beauty that awakens and stirs the heart to remember its inherent nature…….

 A beauty so tender, so loving, so kind, so benevolent in character and movement that has the power to alter our consciousness and state of being. Sometimes momentary, sometimes daily, sometimes longer…..we remember who we are and our interconnectedness sparkled with reverence for the Divine within all. 

Beauty has eyes that only see beauty…. that knows and senses what is behind it all. Seeing  the form and past the form to peer deeply into the soul essence always present.

Beauty as a connector device:

Beauty connects us to the present and with the larger picture

Beauty provides the impetus to regain memory of an unencumbered state of being. We see a sister (s), a brother (s) as beautiful beyond description, beyond form, beyond what they do or don’t do, beyond what is said or not said, beyond all physical placement thus connecting us to a higher perception of our self, others, and the world through the eyes and heart of beauty ~ inclusive of the animal and plant kingdoms.


⇒Sometimes we go away, sometimes we come back

Let’s come back to beauty↵


⇒ do you know…….how beautiful you are?

◊You are beautiful beyond measure ⇒ you are precious  ⇒ loved ⇒ and adored now, forever, and eternally

◊Your value is measureless

◊Your beauty is grand

◊Your life and what you create is vitally important and beautiful

◊I am in awe of your beauty. I thank you for your beauty. ⇒ Remember your beauty





⇒Do You Know?

how beautiful you are…



Do you know

how beautiful you are…

 beauty walks the path of moments

ripe and potent

beauty has no opponent

a holy surrender

is beauty’s bestowment

I explore your beauty now

to arrive at the throne of beauty’s poet

your citrine eyes penetrate

sparkle right sunbright ~ the male sheep, a ram

remembering the I AM

left moon spirit ~ the feminine

the sacred cow ~ now I Am

a smile whose light rays

speak shine so benevolent, so kind

a laugh

like a succession of silvery bells

 singing the transcendent song

a bewitching face

that twinkles

beautific glimmers  behold my mind

as I stand amongst your beauty undefined

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

when you sit and say nothing

you are so becoming

mystical particles spin about the air

least one becomes more aware

 your voice and lips dipped in divine wine

 each word spoken and the hum in between

carry a celestial echo

  riding in waves amidst the stratosphere

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

in and out of this world you move

swaying branches with dancing leaves

move alongside you

the earth shudders

and the sky melts

your beauty comes from far beyond

it reconstructs the living space

privy is the viewer who goes higher

released is true eternal power

your heart so dear and true

 showers a cosmic love

that mystics see

and lovers can not deny

supply is high so one can fly

Do you know

how beautiful you are..

when you rest upon your bed

 laying down with the moon

your skin a pearl glow

stardust carries you

to the stars across the galaxy

journeying to the realms of infinite beauty

  bringing it back here

so the onlooker

beholds a wondrous view

 make it your own

what Jesus taught and knew

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

when you rise with the morning sun

as if for the first time

bringing forth the mysteries and the rhyme

  beauty’s length and strength

no corners, no edges

your beauty the bridge

the only lesson

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

butterscotch nails

pretty on your hands and feet

brown sugar, vanila, butter, and a pinch of salt

senses arouse to anoint a sweet flush

  an enigmatic touch

sacred ground kisses your every step

gone are tears, for mercy has swept

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

nothing remains the same

that you touch or look upon

capacity moves brighter

candy insider fuels the hang glider

muse for the writer

your form brilliant in analogous hues

colors in threes

equal perfect harmony

Do you know

how beautiful you are…

nothing to be added nor subtracted

held assuredly

your beauty is exactness

Do you know

how beautiful you are…



May beauty reign in all that we see, know, touch, create, and live as.

◊Please remember how beautiful you are!

∴Please remember to see all sisters and brothers as beautiful ~ the Earth, flora & fauna

⇒Please remember to see the beauty all around………….

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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