Stepping Out ~ ◊By Moonlight with eyes that see in the dark…..

⇒Stepping Out……….

◊By Moonlight with eyes that see in the dark

∴For the brave Ones who dare to step out………..


Stepping out……….



I am known by moonlight and those that see in the dark



What does Stepping Out mean:

Stepping Out is showing up and stepping into the new even if fears or concerns tinker in the mind. Stepping Out is a demonstration of faith that your grandest wishes and desires can and will be made manifest. It is confidence in yourself and with the One you serve. Stepping Out is following your heart and soul whose steps bring you into the garden of green.

Insight: The Moon as the great illuminator to light our way as we step out into the dark which symbolizes the unknown, fears, doubts, hesitations, etc….and to move in concert with divine action accompanied by great wings of momentum to take the initial steps both inwardly and outwardly into the newness of what can be…….eyes that see in the dark are the eyes of trust that are shown step by step the way to go lit by the light of the Moon.

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Below is a list of how Stepping Out looks from a practical stance:

*Create your own list and add what resonates with where you want your steps to take you and march into a world filled to completion with your deepest desires, wishes, and hopes…..

Having Trust & Faith to Step Out

♦step out of conventional norms that don’t resonate with inner beliefs

♦step into faith ~ be bold and trust the inner voice

♦step into your divine power to see within and allow that vision to be the driving force in life

♦courage to step into new territory in confidence, openness, and joy

♦step into the full surrendering of the past and all associations to be born anew

♦realization and fortitude to break free from habitual patterns of thinking and emotional reactions that don’t serve

♦ serve in a completely new agenda that is by divine design smothered with ease and Grace

♦step into conviction to follow your heart without reserve or doubt

♦see into the dark, the unknown, and walk the steps by the moonlight’s glow

The inspiration for this blog post and poem is the allowing and openness to step out into greater yet unknown territory to expand on all levels and thus transition and transform into all that one is meant to be. It is also a declaration and stance to be in this world yet not of this world as the Great Master Jesus taught. One steps into empowerment through the cultivated inner world of peace, self love, harmony, and divine attunement that does not waver nor is swayed from outside influences. This takes continuous focus, dedication, and a strong inner desire to rise above.

Stepping Out of the Same:

The same continues to be the same until one steps out where the same is no longer the same. Step Out of the same through willingness, desire, and placing the stakes upon the altar of the divine. With deep trust through Stepping Out the same spins into a world of new potentialities, greater happiness, higher states of knowing oneself, and miracles!

  This post is also to activate the divine fire within that sparks a flame of trust. It is the energy to move into the direction of expansion, of a knowing held buried and obscured from vision, now heralding the spring of its coming.



See In The Dark:

Seeing in the dark is a reference to our ability to trust in the stepping out in faith process. It is a portal of direction and blessings we open to when we allow the Divine to guide our holy steps with inspired action. We may not know the outcome nor how it will all come together. It is a moment to step, a step in each moment, being led by a higher wisdom, knowing, and attunement.

⊕Though it be dark, the Divine shines a light and says “this way my beloved. Come, follow me, as I show you the way with enough light in each step to see in the dark. Bless you my dear child for choosing to see in the dark. See through to eventually realize there is no dark…….”⊕


*the digital image was from a photo session that I later turned into a digital art piece



⇒Stepping Out……….

◊By Moonlight with eyes that see in the dark


Though the day did bear fruit

it was gone with the change of a suit

the night appeared suddenly

 the day evaporated and the moon and I were in company

it twas the night that held a spellbound allure

in a blue green peacock dress

I stepped out into the night

by moonlight with eyes that see in the dark

under the new moon adoration

 who might be present this eve in silvery vicinity?

a returning mystic

sprinkling electric awakening into the starry eyed receptive soul

when the peacock feather appears

take note to know

the knock of eternity sweeps through the opened door

stardust to memory rhythmed the nights pulsation

the dragonfly circles three times

transformation alchemy sign

8:08 time bends back

see into the night past the darkness

in a blue green peacock dress

I stepped out into the night

by moonlight with eyes that see in the dark

my dress of feathers

shines equal to the morning sun

 the night paves on a street called now

like Mary Magdalene’s gypsy rose and crystal skull

kneeling to honor amidst the moonlight

in mystical surround sounds became home

there is no logical value

yet it all makes sense within the order of wholeness

 madness turns to wizardry

 Merlin raises his scepter

 his cloak of stars shines with brilliance

healing waters spin with vapors that stir the air

wind chimes play the sequence of now

night lotus perfumes the air

the magician tickles the peacock feather under my nose

musky flowery ether scent engulfs me from beyond this world

movement in the stillness

the stillness moves on

a point that exists in the mind of the author

  the eternal blue  straddles between the times

 brought back to Earth as a point in nightfall

in a blue green peacock dress

I stepped out into the night

by moonlight with eyes that see in the dark

stepping out

  light shines on the ground showing the steps to embark

see into the night, step out, write the new day from dark to light

trusting in the divine for two on the vine is the design

 divine together widens the line



ΘBlessings of Stepping Out!

∞May all Step Out with Eyes that see into the dark and see clearly the way!

∇Many joyous Gifts of Stepping Out!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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