Brides with Spirit

Brides with Spirit

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I began this series, Brides with Spirit, several years ago. Here are a few samples of some of the art pieces from this series. As a fun & different twist to bridal imagery, I came up with the concept of pairing beautiful bridal photo’s of mine with animal totems where a connection is felt & present between the bride and the preferred animal of choice. Often the image is of the bride solo with the animal spirit, however, some of these art pieces contain both the bride & groom. A fantasy filled, playful, creative conception to visually hallmark one’s wedding & reverence felt for a beloved animal.

Many people feel a direct link in both literal & symbolic terms with a particular animal (s). Animal totems can be perceived as & serve on a platform as a protecting, guiding, healing influence on many levels ~ spanning beyond this lifetime. They bring in “something” of greatness, perhaps an awakening, an epiphany,  true companionship, unconditional love, & so much more!!! These animal totems range from the domesticated, non domesticated, to beyond. It is about what each individual, in this case a bride, is drawn to. There are no rights or wrongs. This deep felt animal association, can last a life time & also can change based on current circumstances as one cycles through life.


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