When it runs through your veins………..

When it runs through your veins………

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πŸ™‚ Music as primordial rhythm, movement, & flow πŸ™‚

The music within & without ~ as primal energy πŸ™‚


a primal force of sorts

it’s the air you breath & the language of choice

the wine of the soul & the music within

when it runs through your veins

you can’t but help want more

do you replenish sweet song or merely align with what’s stored

Β tangible & real

it is a miracle heal

triple loud or low soft

high & low tide

it moves with the wind

changing colors & hue

shaking it loose

where strangers are few

it echoes your name

sounds untamed

round & round

non linear it goes

the primordial dance

each soul must take the chance

a song for me & a song for you

no worries of rhyme

it sings for all time

It takes over

spinning & wheeling

whirling about

with visions of destiny in flight

that knows no height

the water the moon the sun & the earth

cracking shattering on fire

it gives a resonance birth

feeling it strong

then it fades & comes back

thunderbolts & lightning

a contagious free running horse

it stretches to eternity

& then back in the room

when it runs through your veins

your removed from form

when it runs through your veins

the flow is surreal

nature & heaven merged by feel

when it runs through your veins

you look left & right

growing with intensity

all the day & night

when it runs through your veins

you feed the flame

ages & sages but did the same


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Miracles Happen ~ #stayaware

Digital art & Poetry by Leslie Sue Photography πŸ™‚

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