When it runs through your veins… #rocknrollsoul

When it runs through your veins………

Rock n’ Roll if u wanna

#rocknrollharmony #rocknsoul #anythinggoes

ย โ‰ˆThis is for those of us that grew up listening to classic rock & those that enjoy itโ‰ˆ

You know AC/DC ~ Led Zeppelin ~ Queen ~ Boston ~ Heart ~ Blondie ~ Scorpions ~ Aerosmith ~ Fleetwood Mac ~ Rolling Stones ~ Hendrix ~ย  Triumph ~ย  Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ Motley Crue ~ Def Leopard ~ Allman Brothers ~ & so many more

โŒˆWhen loud just isn’t loud enoughโŒ‰

When that rock n’ roll wave hits ~ all you can do is crank it up & enjoy the ride ~ catapulted into some unknown world that’s crashing all around you

That whirlwind of crazzzaaayyy sounds ~ get out of my way guitar & drums shaking up the ether’s way above the clouds ~ so freeing & liberating you gotta hear that fav song twice

ฮ˜prima donna ~ u wanna ~ rebel rule breaker ~ well, someone’s gottaฮ˜

I personally love a lot of music from the 1970’s ~ however, the 1980’s metal bands that took to flight ~ with Oh so divine make up ~ wild mega wanna hair ~ raw & sweet ~ that decadent holy storm of rushing sexy heat ๐Ÿ™‚

Unlock the doors….sit on back…..


*These art images are of Steve ~ my bf. He has been playing in bands for pretty much his entire life. Mostly rock bands & one funk band in the 1970’s. His main instrument is electric guitar ๐Ÿ™‚ He still gets together with some of his prior band mates once a year to put on a rock n’ roll show ๐Ÿ™‚

I like to associate primordial energy with the raging wild tide that rock n roll music can take you on. Certainly ~ in various expressions ~ but you know when that “energy” is So Present where you are transformed in that instant with particles flying in the air ~ primordial power taking you over ~ no beginning no end ~ some omnipotent force sweeping you up in its lightning guitar riff wings

Music & all the arts are typically thought of & presided over the Divine Feminine Energy ~ Creative Goddess energy that creates in a myriad of fashions.

Shakti is the Divine Feminine ~ the sacred creative power ~ primordial cosmic energy ~ dynamic forces that move, shape, & create

Her radiance & fullness can be felt, experienced, & seen in the entirety of the universe & beyond

Her Beautiful cosmic existence & spell ~ unleashes multi fold

๐Ÿ™‚ One of those liberating “kundalini” experiences might just be found in a rock n roll song ๐Ÿ™‚

The Shakti Goddess divine cosmic energy is to be revered ~ her power, might, & blessedness is beyond



When it runs through your veins………

#primordialdance #shakti #primalspiral

ฮžMusic as primordial rhythm, movement, & flowฮž

The music within & without ~ as primal energy ๐Ÿ™‚




when it runs through your veins

in keys, like the breeze, strip tease

a primal force of sorts

source, immerse, in force

it’s the air you breath & the language of choice

active voice, singing voice, Rolls Royce

the wine of the soul & the music within

built in, drilled in, instilled in

when it runs through your veins

you can’t but help want more

do you replenish sweet song or merely align with what’s stored

ย tangible & real

it is a miracle heal

triple loud or low soft

high & low tide

can’t describe, amplified, slide

wide ~ untied

when it runs through your veins

it moves with the wind

changing colors & hue

into you, through you, in view, undue

shaking it loose

where strangers are few

it echoes your name

sounds untamed

round & round

ultrasound, drowned, rewound

non linear crowned

sweat on the brow ~ sacred ground

the primordial dance

each soul must take the chance

when it runs through your veins

a song for me & a song for you

no worries of rhyme

it sings for all time

It takes over

spinning & wheeling

whirling about

with visions of destiny in flight

when it runs through your veins

oh so right, en-light, make it tonight

ย endless height

the water the moon the sun & the earth

cracking shattering on fire

higher, rewire, inspire, rock n roll attire

it gives a resonance birth

when it runs through your veins

feeling it strong

sing a long, prolong, nothing right or wrong

then it fades & comes back

thunderbolts & lightning

a contagious free running horse

on course, off course, transport

when it runs through your veins

it stretches to eternity

& then back in the room

when it runs through your veins

your removed from form

when it runs through your veins

the flow is surreal

nature & heaven merged by feel

when it runs through your veins

you look left & right

growing with intensity

all the day & night

when it runs through your veins

you feed the flame

ages & sages but did the same

when it runs through your veins



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