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Why your Ascension matters #ascensionmatters

∞Why your Ascension Matters∞ →Eyes Wide Open Within↵ *the journey inward* ≈Higher States of Consciousness ~ being aware ~ awake≈ #knowthyself #deepeningawareness #trust #magic #truth #lightwithin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Ascension Matters ~ this is because YOU matter. Your Voice matters, Your Light matters, Your Gifts & Talents matter, Your Brilliance matters, Your Contribution matters, Your Vision… Read more »

Birth of the New Earth: New Earth Creation

∇Birth of the New Earth∇ →New Earth Creation⇓   ♦♦♦♦♦ This blog post centers on the inevitable ushering in of the New Earth. Spoken about in many languages, cultures, regions, races, religions, across all time and space. I do not claim to be an authority in anyway as to how all this will manifest ~… Read more »