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From the Goddess

  From the Goddess we are & To the Goddess we return ∇ Sacred Light∇ within the primordial waters The snake rising from the primordial waters as a symbol of both divinity & kundalini rising. In many ancient civilizations ~ the snake was considered & celebrated as a form of divinity ~ related to an… Read more »

Honoring the Moon As Goddess #moonwithin

Honoring the Moon as Goddess the moon within The Moon Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine aspect within us that holds the sacred mystical reflected light feminine clarity insight the light of the goddess magic within in all her majesty ~ sacred sexuality ~ pageantry Her totality ~ universality ~ sensuality open to her blessed silvery… Read more »

Green Pastures #samanthapearl :)

Green Pastures In Thee I rest #samanthapearl  #newearthkitty #nyop In the eternal evergreen of the green spaces rich & fertile with ideas,  health,  peace,  abundance I rest in Thee Grace, magic, & restful awareness you give to me ever renewing, centering, in stillness & whispering thoughts ~ I draw from thee well I thirst no… Read more »

Eternal Sun Within :) #christlight #shine #awaken

The Eternal Sun Within The Christ Light Rising Within ∞SHINE∞ *alignment with our inner sun ~ devotional* *as within ~ so without* #knowyourself #gowithin #brilliance #divinity #innersun *RISE* This devotional is aimed to evoke conscious awareness & attuning to our inner sun that lives within us all. Irrespective of gender, we all hold within our… Read more »