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My My Mermaid

My My Mermaid #mermaid #fullmoon #magic   My My Mermaid Oh Mermaid of mine out of the watery depths you lay upon the shore line did you come from a lost continent once standing aware is it early morning or late hours you seem in between ~ distant towers unravel all lore water peaceful silvery… Read more »


WOW: WINGS OVER THE WORLD 🙂 NEW EARTH 🙂 #SamanthaPearl #newearthkitty #wow Divine Mother Vision ~ Her Sacred Wings   Wings over the world New Earth She carries Her love flowing in divine undulations  Her Light upon all nations spreading from the mountain tops to the valleys rising & kissing the seas & shores across… Read more »

Message in the Wind: I thought I heard the wind chimes #chime

  ζI thought I heard the wind chimesζ ∞Message in the wind∞ chime * chime * chime * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The space where I edit my art images spills out into a viewing area of our screened in patio & then out into our garden. On our screened in patio we have hanging a beautiful 6… Read more »

My 3rd Birthday :) :) :)

SAMANTHA PEARL’S 3RD BIRTHDAY Yipee……….2day……May 1st…….is my 3rd birthday!! Yup, 3 big one’s 🙂 #samanthapearl #animalvoice #newearthkitty #blesstheanimals In honor of my birthday, I would like to send out some loving thoughts on behalf of our beautiful animals that we share the planet with. SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY, there remains a group so persistently… Read more »